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Effexor and Weight Loss/Gain

Has anyone taken Effexor and, if so, did you experience any weight related side-effects.  

I am worried about gaining weight and will not take this medicine until I find out.   I'm just scared because SSRIs cause gain.  Even though this is not an SSRI, it could cause weight gain.

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Hi Joscie,

Please be really careful with tapering off Effexor. The withdrawal effects can be really ghastly. Apparently it can be helpful to take Fluoxetine to ease the side effects, and then stop the Fluoxetine (which doesn't have such bad side effects). Anyway, check with your Doc about this.

I was up to 150mg and then down to 75 for about a year and a half all up, I tapered off before I knew about using Fluoxetine to help, and it took me months, and I still really suffered for a couple of months at the end. Brain 'zaps', dizziness, bloating etc. I've been off them for a few weeks now but strangely (and I've been eating less, not more), my belly is all swollen and it's soooo uncomfortable in my clothes! Don't know if there's a connection, but hoping it will go away!

Get off Effexor if you can, it's a nasty drug.
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My Dr. just started me on effexor today and stated it was a dietary supplement. After reading all these blobs im beginning to get worried. Is there anyone that HASNT gained weight for it?
I've been on Effexor for three weeks and I have lost six pounds.
please dont take effexor im on that and depikote and i was at 230 pounds now a year later ive dropped down to 160 and keep dropping nomatter how much i eat. ive been to doctors and even hospitalized. please for the love of god im begging you to stay away from this ****
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Phew, I am glad I found others that have experienced the same phenomenon.  

I train fairly consistently with heavy weights (strength focused).  I have been on Effexor for well over 5 years and have been at the  dosage of 150mg for at least 4 of them. I am not sure if this is relevant to the discussion but I was put on Effexor initially because of being diagnosed suicidal, uni-polar, and having low-grade depression.  I have gained at least 20 Kg while I started my prescription but I can't quote exact numbers.

About a month ago, I started missing days of taking the medication due to a change in my daily procedure.  If I accidently missed 2 days in a row, my body would remind me at work where I became disoriented, dizzy, and develop a pulsing head ache but I didn't notice any mood alterations so I decided that I wouldn't stress about it too much.  (my job is within software development so I wasn't putting others at risk)

I then started 'digging' the withdrawal symptoms (besides the headaches) as being disoriented and dizzy makes your day kind of interesting so I stretched out the days I wasn't taking the medication.  

Now I have been off the medication for at least 1 week, and although I am still experiencing dizziness, the headaches are gone and the effects are diminishing steadily.  I also noticed an increase in focus at work (even better than when I was on the medication)

What I did notice however is that I am dropping weight at an expedited rate and my strength is for the most part maintained.  I.E.  the strength loss is not proportional to the weight loss.

Please note that I see my doctor so infrequently that I didn't bother notifying her.  (I only see her yearly where I get renewed for 4x90 days of 150mg).  

I DO NOT recommend what I am currently doing to anybody and you SHOULD NOT follow what I have done without consulting a medical professional well versed in anti-depressants.  I just wanted to read about other's experiences and relate my own.  Please note that my knowledge in anti-depressants is next to nothing and all I did was pop the pill to get me through the day

Currently 43, overweight at 110kg.  My comfortable weight is 90kg (muscled from natural strength training for at least the last 20 years)
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I started taking Effexor 3 months ago.  At that same time, I joined Weight Watcher's, because the extra weight was part of my depression.  I made up my mind to fix my body and soul!  I have been following the program exactly, exercising, etc.  I am happy to report that I have LOST 20 pounds since Sept 17th!  I have to wonder if the people who gain weight on the drug are just feeling so much happier and better about things that they eat more?  I'm curious if they feel ravenous while taking the drug?  It has not been the case for me, actually the opposite.  I DO still enjoy eating, but I'm not so preoccupied with it, AND I can control my portions and snacking much better.  I just wanted to add this comment, since so many were talking about the horrible weight gain on the drug.  I am doing great!
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I would like to note something since I have been on effexor for 3 years and  it is probably something many of you are overlooking. Instead of thinking, "does it cause weight loss or gain?" think- both. When I started I lost 20 pounds in 2 months... the new drug in my system, the NRI effect, energy, etc killed my appetite. THEN after another year, I got used to it ans started to gain.... I gained that 20 plus another 20. I CANNOT get this off. I have tried to 'pop' that stimulation period by jumping from 300 to 75, then the reverse. NOTHING. I have decided the only way to lose it is to go off. But for those that lost weight- I did too, at first.... give it a few years.
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I'm sorry but you are SO wrong! Look at all the other comments on here, and you will see that about 95% of people have GAINED weight from taking Effexor!!  I gained about 30 lbs. the first year I started taking it, without any lifestyle or diet changes (well, actually, I DID try and eat Better!).  Also, the worst part about it is, it makes you lose your appetite, so you are actually eating LESS, but you GAIN more weight because it slows down your metabolism.  This drug is AWFUL, and now I'm hearing that a lot of doctors are trying to push this drug off as a 'dietary supplement'!  Doctors are paid well to push drugs from greedy, uncaring, selfish pharmaceutical companies, you know...they get BONUSES from selling the crap!  It's true..I've done TONS of research on the topic, and not to mention, have personally been on Effexor for about 5 yrs. now..I can't get off it because it IS addictive, like crack.  Please be careful and try to rely on natural alternatives, instead!  Don't believe these so-called doctors..they ONLY care about making their $150,000/yr. salaries!
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When you went of effexor cold turkey you had nasty withdrwal, but did you stay of or did you go back to the docter to wean off?
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I have been on Effexor, low dose (75 mg), for almost a year. I have lost about 15 lb. - 20 lb., now weighing in at 110 lb. I am 55 years old, 5'5" and I exercise regularly (2X a week at the gym and 3X a week at yoga, which helps immeasurably with my lupus and fibromyalgia). I love food, and enjoy eating, but now find myself much better at stopping when I've had enough. I don't know if this is the Effexor. I think I am not eating for emotional reasons anymore, at least most of the time. I have always battled with my weight, tending to be on the heavier side. Right now, I feel I am exactly where I should be, weight-wise, even if my BMI is a little on the low side. I plan to ease off Effexor this spring, and to continue with the wonderful counselling that has helped me understand and find ways to deal with the life/health issues that drove my long-term depression. I am grateful for where I am now, and have deep sympathy for those who have experienced weight gain as a result of a drug that was necessary for their well-being. We -- me included -- are so focused on how people look on the outside. Really, what matters is the beauty inside. And being healthy. Best wishes to all.
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I don't know of anyone that has lost weight on it, but everyone i know has gained it including me, anywhere from 33-60 pounds. I gained 40 have been off it a week and hope i can take the weight off. It may be good for anxiety but terrible in every other way.
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I recently have been switched from Cipralex (SSRI) to Effexor (SNRI), to manage my major depression and anxiety that has been ongoing for the last 5 years.

And while I was on Cipralex, I had the worst experience and symptoms, which were: weight gain, periods of highs and lows, vivid dreams, cold sweats, irritability, etc. As for Effexor, I have yet to experience any negative side effects. It literally has done wonders for me personal. I've been able to lose weight, mental clarity, surplus amount of energy, mental focus, etc. And I'm currently on the low dose, 37.5mg.

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It is nice to know that you experience the same symptoms. I have been on Effexor for many years and it has helped me. Although I have gained weight some is atributed to bad eating habits. I have successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers and it will be a lifetime battle. When I started on Effexor I was depressed and major anxiety. I had a stressful job, a marriage break up and a new relationship and those things contributed to a breakdown. I was off work for 3 months. I wasn't sleeping and couldn't deal with all the stress in my life. I did go off of hit and all the asexual symptoms, sweating went away. Then I was prescribed prednisone for a bad chest infection and again was not able to cope. Apparently Prednisone can cause anxiety in people. I have been on 175 for 3 years and would like to come off. My dr. and I have discussed it and we will wait for a few planned stressful occasions to be over. It is hard to feel that I was once a strong, independent woman and now can't handle stress anymore. I really feel that adrenal fatigue has alot to do with it although can't prove it.
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I gained 30 pounds in 4 months on paxil. That was 13 years ago. I still haven't lost it :|
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Hi, I was wondering if you have experienced any positive weight loss since your last post?  Have you heard from other's experiences?  Please email me at ***@****
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AstraStarr, how about an update? Are you completely off the Effexor now, and have you seen any significant weight loss? I've been on it for 8 years and gained 40 lbs. I started tapering off a month ago. The withdrawal has triggered some bizarre and very intense cravings so I'm not seeing any weight loss yet and I don't expect to until I get completely off it. How are things going with you?
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I too gained 35 lbs within about 8 months on Effexor and if I went in between refills would get body aches and like restless leg syndrome. It was miserable. Then when I finally went off it was like I had a week long flu! But the body aches lasted nearly 2 weeks! And I can't lose the weight either very depressing to say the least. This stuff should be banned.
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I have only been on effexor xr for 6 months, going from 37.5 to 75 to 150 once daily.  I am so sorry for all of those that have experienced weight gain (as someone who has battled her weight since puberty 35 years now), I know that weight gain alone is so depressing.  However so far my experience with Effexor has been awesome, I have lost 30 lbs and feel better about myself than I have in 8 years.  I find myself not obsessing about food and fairly uninterested in it, and now that I have had weight loss and positive feedback I finally have the willpower to make better food choices.  We are all different and process meds differently, don't give up hope....there is something out there that will work for all of you.
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Hi, yes my doc put me on Venlafaxine (sp?) wich is the generic for effexor and yes I can say that it helped change my life. It made me fell, as best I can describe it, normal. Like I wanted to do stuff not just hide in my house. I actually lost some weight when I first started taking it. My main issue was the first 2 days I took it. It kinda put me in a manic style state, like I was losing my mind, now I know that sounds bad but after the 3rd day it was fine and now I dont know how I thought my life before was living. Now I will say there was a "sex" issue but not like impotence but kinda like it was hard to climax, still felt great but after 2 hours one of us was about dead lol. I explain it like this - its like winning the lotto but not getting to spend it.
StitchesM, U R so funny! I'm so glad that this drug made U feel 'normal'. I've been on it 2 years and I'm still hiding in my house. Are U still on Venlafaxine, and if so, how are U doing? Even if UR not on it, how R U? My doc just increased my dosage to 150mg twice a day, b/c I told him I had planned my death last week but cancelled b/c of my son. He just keeps upping it, which helps for a bit but doesn't last. oh well.... at least I've only gained weight b/c I never do anything!
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i have been on effexor for a few years and i found there was no weight gain at first, BUT then after they got my mood stabilized I couldn't lose weight. I was over weight when I went on BUT it eas and all over weight. After a while I started gaining weight just around my mid-section. I look like I am about to have a baby and am now off Effexor and yes it was a horrible detox to come off the medication. I am not on anything as of yet but I appreciate finding out I don't want an SSRI either. Anyway I am looking into a new medication but haven't found anything else as of yet....I wouldn't go on Effexor if you are trying to lose weight my doctor told me it was not one of the side effects either but let me assure you it is it is not from and increase in appetite. I have been aware of my weight for some time but now i weigh more then after i had my 5 kids
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I'm on Effexor as well...and in response to what feels like your heart racing could actually be your heart just working overtime because your dehidrated...also it could be low blood pressure. But it does "feel" like you're heart is racing....I just started back on effexor because I've gained 20lbs in a few months(which I've strangely done before), along with depression relief, I'm hoping to lose weight. The last time I had started effexor I dropped 17lbs in a month in a half....hoping that will happen again. To fight off any side effects I'm going to stay hydrated with water...no soda
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I was just wondering how you take your doses? I am on venlafaxine 37.5 twice daily, but I take both at night. Do you think that could be the reason for the weight gain? I have gained 50lbs in almost a year. After reading all the posts I'm afraid to get off of it.  Thanks for any help.
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I was 219 when I started Effexor and gained 60 or so pounds now I am a disgraceful wopping 280 pounds
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I had been on Effexor for many years and have weaned myself off  the meds  Results were as mentioned above. Profound !!!!side effects. !!!!!!!!
It has been at least one and a half months since I took my last 37.5mg and recently  I woke up and could hardly move.!!
I had fear of Parkinson as it  is Familial
I goggled  concerns and located this site and was encouraged to see that I was not alone.
I started  magnesium Citrate  2 pm and 2 am
I also take Omega 3 and B complex &  C
Your body is in shock mode more ways than you can imagine Therefore be kind to yourself. Lots of rest, decrease alcohol consumption and take a series of Vitamins for depletion.
Note When stressed out  B & C's are deplete stat.
It is a long journey to wean So  go slow for best results.
You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wish I had read this months ago.  Since being prescribed Effexor I put on 10 pounds per month.  M y weight went from 145 up to 215 in 7 months!  I could have birthed twins during that time!  Plus during the time I have been on Effexor & xanax I have attempted suicide 3 times.3 times SINCE the prescriptions!  about 4 times before!  obviously something is not right.  I am going to wean off everything even though I have suffered from depression/anxiety 20 some years and have a strong genetic history - including suicide - in my family.  I just don't know what else to do.  going Holistic I think...
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I've just read all of these comments and gone "oh my God..It's not just me'! Thank God.  I've always had a fanatastic shape and have gone up 3 sizes since this damn drug.  Problem is, I need something to calm the anxieties. There's got to be something else out there for women that doesn't make us feel even worse about ourselves.  
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It seems like we all are playing rushing roulette with anxiety pill. I'm. Taking pills for anxiety and depression,  insomnia,  hypertension, and the list goes on. Before i started taking Paxil i wasn't sleeping at night. I was sleeping in the morning from 8am-1;30pm because i care for my mom who has Alzheimer's and she's bed ridden. My mind was running wild, and my hormones made me unrecognizable. Paxil helped me tremendously. If i skipped a day it would have a bad effect on me. It works with
my Trazadone.  Im able to cope without falling to peices because i rely on my faith in God.  I talk to him and i tell him just how I'm feeling. I ask him to help me cope with the problem, rather than remove it. It works, it really does. He promise to bring  an end to it SOON.

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I lived in Wa and I know how you feel with the weather.  I just started taking venlafaxine hcl er and have gained 12 lbs in 4 weeks. I am not eating any different than I was 8 months before I started and had lost 22 lbs. I just left a message for my dr on her recorder because it is Sat and I want off of it.  I was on Prozac for years and NEVER had one side effect not one. Dr put me on this cause she said I had been on Prozac to long for it to be effective.  Worse thing I could have done. I have blurred vision, headaches, and feel very weird in my brain and body, get dizzy and even feel faint when I stand up.  I still ten to still cry once in a while even on this.  I'm sorry I had been trying to loose weight before this and was doing great.  Slow and healthy the right way.  I've felt a little out of breath everyonce in awhile and have heart palpatations.  I just felt like I was heavier so got new scales and saw I had gained the 12 lbs and said hell no the side effects and gaining weight NO WAY.  I was on 150 and had really bad stomach cramps on that amount and was always having problems with my bowls. So she put me on 75 and told me to take the 75 for 5 or 6 days then try to go back on the 150 for a few days then back on the 75 to see if that helps. Well guess what it has not made a difference at all except the stomach cramps and the bowl problems are better on the 75.
Good luck with you and everyone else using this stuff.  I am going off as soon as I see her Monday. Hope I do not have bad side effects for goin off of it.  I already about a year ago thought of sucide.
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Hi this is honestflt
How did you feel when you went off of it and did the Dr ween you while having you try something else?
I have heard bad side effects when you come off of it but not sure if any of them tried something else while doing this or just went cold turkey,
Hope to hear back from you
thank you
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I have been on effexor for 5 years and about a year ago i switched my dosage up to 175. I have gained almost 50 pounds in the last four years.

After reading these comments i can't help but feel i need to get off of it.
Going to make an appointment later and see if my Xanex can hold me over until the withdrawls stop.
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I was on Effexor for 4 years.  I'm a female, 49 years old.  I gained 40 lbs from it.  I thought it was because of all the stress in my life....NOPE!  In August 2014, I started weening myself off it.  I decreased my dose each week for 8 weeks.  I've been completely off all medications for 4 weeks now.  I'm walking daily and watching my calorie intake.  ( I always have....I eat around 1500 calories a day and switch up my activities).  So far, the scale is the same.  Can anyone who's LOST weight AFTER going off effexor, tell me how long it took?  When did your metabolism start to work again and did you ever get back to your pre effoxor weight? Thanks! :)
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I lost 25 pounds on it immediately.  I guess I was eating and feeling depressed because of my weight.  My doctor told me that it just depends on what people do in depression...some eat and some don't.  Now that I'm coming down off the meds (from 325mg to 75mg) after 3 years, I actually gained 15 pounds!

It just depends on you.  I actually want to go back and increase my dosage because I think I've been stress eating and my anxiety has manifested in memory loss.  

Hope this helps?
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I am in the same boat, disgusted with my body now. I have been on Effexor for 4 months and look due any day now and not to mention my backside!!!! I haven't weighed myself in over a week, but had put on 10lbs in 3 months. Never had a weight issue before!  Deplorable!  Makes me angry and depressed more!
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I believe that what the studies show is that it initially can cause weight loss and then gradually over time will slow the metabolism. I'm the same - on it for 10 years and I'm quite sure it caused my insulin resistance. I am now weaning off because pregnant.
I'm pregnant and losing weight!
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are you sure your issue is metabolism related?

I thought mine was the same, and no doubt metabolism was effected in ways while on the drug, but a month after starting effexor I developed a swollen abdomen, it could be from a hypersensitive gut causing bloating, fluid in the abdomen, abdominal wall/diaphragm not contracting/relaxing as they should, there is a plethora of things it could be. what I am sure of, is that effexor is the cause. I also have a lot of subcutaneous water under the skin from the effexor, which shouldn't be confused with fat. all of this after being off the drug over three months now and no improvement in symptoms
Try Himalayan Pink sea salt for edema, I use it to help balance my electrolytes and it works quite well.Sprout's carries it.  I've been on generic effexor since suicide attempt 2 yrs ago. I just saw my doc today, told him last week I was making plans to kill myself but cancelled b/c of my son, told him I didn't think effexor was helping. I'm on 75 mg 3xday. He told me to INCREASE it to 150mg 2xday! This may help me temporarily, but I can';t keep going up on dose forever! I've gained some weight but only b/c I rarely leave the house and spend all day in bed w/ blinds closed. Wish I were dead.
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If possible, can you update on your situation regarding weight gain and Effexor? I just read your post, which I know is outdated, but you are the closest to describing my own circumstances and I need to make some type of change.  Thanks!
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I am glad I found this forum. I absolutely never post anything online, however I want to share my experience too. I started taking Effexor in February of 2015 after experiencing extreme depression despite 300 mg of Luvox. At the time I was in a half way house and prescribed 75 mg. I left the house soon after and found that my mood improved...but only slightly. At this point I had gained significant weight but attributed it to 30 days in rehab then transition to halfway house. I gained roughly 10 lbs. I have struggled with an eating disorder for most of my life and weight gain is a huge source of anxiety. I struggle with bulimia. Before taking effexor my eating disordered symptoms were out of control and taking a huge toll on my body and mind. I was binging and purging constantly and obsessing about food and weight. After returning home from the halfway house I saw slight improvement and my psychiatrist upped the dosage of effexor to 150mg. Gradually with some changes I began to see improvement. My mood was great and my obsession with food and weight diminished. I saw huge improvement in my level of anxiety and even stopped using eating disordered symptoms as frequently without any outside support. Things all and all seemed really wonderful...but i continued to gain weight, despite eating more healthfully and "normally" than perhaps ever in my life. I made the difficult decision to taper off the effexor in fear that the weight gain wouldn't stop and that my great mood would forever be plagued by underlying anxieties about weight. I cut the dosage in half for one week (150 to 75) then in half again for two (75 to 37.5) I am now taking 37.5 every other day (even though this seems silly and like a poor strategy..my psychiatrist recommended it...so im doing it because i am in a vulnerable position forced to trust a doc with my delicate emotional balance...grr). I am beginning to see real emotional side effects. I am exhausted, struggling with body aches, and noticing irrational fears and anxieties returning.I notice intense mood swings, anger and agitation. Sex drive is gone (wonderful to see it return when taking 150mg) and I find my boyfriend's presence annoying. I have also begun binging and purging again with frequency. (also no weight loss yet) I am left feeling angry and taken advantage of. I am a young woman who has been forced to trust so many doctors. I am lucky to have the support of family to help me through these times, but I fear for all of us, struggling to make informed decisions when plagued by serious mental illness. I am saddened that I feel my survival is dictated by medication. I offer my love and support to those who continue to struggle as I do. None of these are easy decisions and I wish the psychiatric community would acknowledge the complexity of our situations. Am I really deciding between Fat and Happy? I don't think it's that simple.
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I feel for you as i am going through the same thing. My Dr. says that Effexor does not cause wait gain. I have been doing what you have been doing on my own for about 2 weeks now. I'm happy to say that I've lost 4lbs with no change in food or movement. The zaps, did you get them in your neck? while on the Effexor too? I do and it is so annoying!

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Hi Yes I have been on this for a year, I was on 150mg , then 75, now just switched to 37.5. I have gained 15 pounds the side effects are horrible coming off it but I am determined to get off it completely. I am going to the gym and counting calories. I was 138 when started meds and got 0n scale and weighted 153 I have since lost 6 pounds. Good luck but always check with your Doctor-
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You are so lucky you are dropping the weight right away. I expected hat to happen but I actually gained.  I'm afraid I still will and I'm on Nutrisystem.  It seems as though no medical professionals will weigh in on this and tell us how to lose the weight.  They won't even admit it is from this lousy class of medicines.  I am so sorry I took it even though it did help (because now I'm off and that will change) but the weight just kept going up and up and up and I already gained 15 pounds and don't want to gain more.  My thighs and hips are huge and I can't wear any of my clothes…though some things still fit around the waist…because the gain in all in the hip and thigh and stomach area.  It is totally disguising and I am so ticked off that they didn't tell me this would happen. I would have NEVER taken it…NEVER!  Now I wonder if I can EVERy lose this lousy weight.
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   VENTING: I was roughly 110-120lbs before I went on Effexor.  6 months later, I stepped on a scale, (still in my slightly tighter "small" sized clothes) and I weighed 170.  TRUE STORY.  I fit more comfortably in a medium now and have gone up roughly ONLY 1-2 sizes in clothes.  My BP is normal and pulse is only slightly elevated (probably due to caffeine consumption) This situation is blowing everyone's (including my doctors') mind.  What did this medicine do to me?
    I have had one hell of a time getting off this antidepressant.  Its taken me a month to step down to the 30-ish,grms dosage.  I have had horrible withdraw.  The brain zaps drive me nuts, but I think I'm going to flush the rest of them and let the rest ride out.  My job doesn't allow the weight gain.  Period, end of sentence.
    Reading this thread calmed my fears that I acquired cancer.  Someone mentioned to me that people with MS often have severe reactions to medications, (my aunt has MS) and I'm beginning to wonder if this is the root of the problem...
    No one really knows how my situation is really even possible. Anyone have any advice (other than ditch the med and start running lol)? ...Possible serious health situations that could have caused this?

ANY info would be great...
I used Prozac to finally get off Effexor after 12 years. I was on 150 Effexor and weened down by decreasing Effexor and taking Prozac.  I gained 65 pounds on Effexor was always hungry. Now with Prozac I am not hungry and loosing weight fast. Believe me it is worth it.
Omg I'm going through the same thing. Water retention. Weight gain of 10 pounds in 2 weeks,
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Thank you for adding your comment, as I have been reading all the negative reviews about weight gain, you have helped put my mind at ease
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I am sixteen years old. I started Effexor about a month ago. I since then lost all my appetite. I am down to eating about less than one meal a day. I have lost 4.5 lbs so far, and I see that trend continuing. I can't force myself to eat either because the thought of it makes me nauseous. I was put on this for major depressive disorder.
marissa_isabell: I'm so sorry that U R struggling w/ major depression, esp at such an early age. I hope the effexor is helping. I started w/ serious suicide attempts at around 20, and put my family thru hell while I was in coma after coma, but I never took any anti-depressants, so.... maybe that's why.  As I aged, my depression decreased. Now that I'm REALLY OLD, and sick, it's returned, but I don't think it would have if I weren't so sick. I wish you well.
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I have been tapering off Effexor and I am horrified by the weight gain I am experiencing.  I haven't changed my eating habits at all and yet keep gaining weight as I reduce the Effexor.  Panic!
I am approaching the four week mark since going off effexor. It has been pure hell to sum it all up. I am also experiencing horrific weight gain. I have noticed that I am retaining fluid which I know is contributing. I do not understand the weight gain. Eating has been a challenge due due to the relentless nausea. Still searching for answers. Obviously, my body is completely out of whack. Will my metabolism return to normal in time? Will the weight gain reverse itself? If anyone as the answer, I would sure like to know.
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Effexor now is being directly associated with anorexia (not to be confused with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa). This form of anorexia is caused by a loss or decrease in appetite and is one of the most common side effects of taking Effexor.Nov 22, 2010

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Hi everyone.

I am suffering from panic dissorders and light (let's say) depression since 1997 (17 years-old) when was the last year to school and I had to study hard so I can write exams and go to a university. I was trying to cope with it with psychotherapy only, having my ups and downs (mostly downs) and never thought of taking drugs. Actually, in my mind, taking psycho drugs was a proof for me that I had a serious problem and I was trying to avoid them with any cost.

However, on 2004, before starting my last year in the university, my panic dissorders were so strong that I couldn't go anywhere or stay alone (I was afraid that something will happen to me and I wouldn't have someone near to help me) and dippression begun to show its face very quicly.  I'm 1.74 tall and on 2004 I was weighting 67 - 69 kilos having nice muscles and exercising fairly often. During this month of deppresion, I lost about 7 kilos (so I was weighting 60 kilos), basicaly because I was afraid that If I eat, I will vomit, although this never happened.

My doctor gave me Seroxat 10mg and Centrac 10mg, each for every day and night. The panic attacks gone but  my phobia to be alone anywhere was still there. I begun eating better and I gain 15 kilos within a year. My phobia gone also. I managed to take 2 BScs on Computer Science. On summer 2006 I was weighting 78 kilos, no depression, no phobias. I managed to loose 8 kilos until summer 2007. On September 2007, when I begun my MSc, I got very stressful and dipression came back again. I switched my MSc from full time to part time, I continued with the same drugs and doses, I never stopped psychotherapy (changed 2-3 therapists). The psychoterapist I was visiting back then told me to stop Seroxat and contine with the same dose of Centrac. How can I discribe the months coming... Nightmare! Depression, anorexia, crying all day, my mood was down all day long etc. I lost 12 kilos in 9 months.

I switched to another psychotherapist who gave me Seroxat 10mg again. In about 3 months I was much better but I didn't gain any weight. I was good. I was weighting 66 kilos and it was perfect. My libito was very high, no stress for anything.

I continued the same drugs and doses until a couple of months ago. From summer 2010 to summer 2013, I lost 4 kilos very grantualy. When I broke up with my girlfriend after 11 years on 2013 after, I lost 4 more kilos so in summers 2013-2014 I was weghting 58 kilos, the minimum I had ever "achieved" in my life although I was taking the drugs and doing psychotherapy.

Since then, I never managed to take any weight.

On December 2015, the company I was working for the last 6 years closed so I have been unmployeed until today.
From December 2015 until today, I weight 54 kilos. In other words, I am skinny.

So, I went to my doctor and he proposed to double Seroxat's dose from 10mg to 20mg every aday and night and subtitude Centrac with Clonotril 2. Things gone a little bit better but during summer, everyone gone for vacations, I had no money to follow, I was feeling so alone. So, crying came back, interviews were stressing me so much etc.

To the psychiatrist again...

He proposed me to go from Seroxat to Effexol. Begining with 75mg (morning and night) for 15 days and then go to 150 mg in the morning and 75mg at night. I have begun this therapy a couple of weeks ago and looks fairly good. No notable side effects. Sleepy, yes, but just this.
However, yesterday I got the 150mg in the morning and... That's it! I was so sleepy that I could got up my bed all day. I ate nothing all day. Just sleeping.

Now, I am a little bit affraid. Should I continue this 150mg in the morning; Will this sleepy feeling gone sometime soon (in the next 10-15 days, maybe)? Should I continue with 75mg in the morning and night? When will I see if the drug affects my depression? How long it will take to gain some weight?

Also, I read many posts from people who face sexual side effects. OK, my libido is low but does this happens because of Effexol or because of my depression? When should I worry about this issue?

The last thing I want to share with you is this: every single period of my life, since 1997, when I was feeling good, strong, happy was in conjuction with my social daily life and my stress levels. When this part of my life was bad or my stress was high, I was depressed even I was taking double doses. Drugs is a supplement for a better life. The main job should be done by us... I am writing this here so I can eventually understand it. But, after 20 years of different kinds of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, being 36 today, I haven't managed to find a working solution for a better life in contrast with the majority who find their mental piece quickly and painless.
Circumstancial depression. Season disorder. I have similar experience. I only take nerve pills as needed. I medicate myself better than any diploma waving therapist. I also have 3 years college psychology. Anyway. I can't get help. I help myself. Watever it takes to stay alive and maintain, cope, be happy, sad ect. I'm not a zombie. I feel, we go the stages as to grow emotionally, mentally ect. Good luck. Best bet might be welbutrin. Most of these psyc meds DO DECREASE LIBIDO. Good luck. Love and LIVE. SURVIVE. TRUST ME, THE HEAD SHRINKER BEHIND THE DESK DOESN'T CARE, ONLY SEES DOLLAR SIGNS ECT. THE MAN BEHIND THE DESK CAN'T FIX U IN THE WAY THAT U CAN FIX YOURSELF AND BECOME A COMPLETE WHOLE FUNCTIONING FEELING HUMAN BEING. KNOW YOURSELF. XO
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Effexor is the worst med EVER. trust me 34 been guinea pigged on these meds for 20 years, new med, raise dose, add booster, raise, then change... over n over. Effexor kept me from getting pregnant for 2 YEARS, no birth control was taken. I did not think I could get pregnant. After a month in jail, no meds, worse withdrawals of my life, and it all left my system, very shortly after, I was pregnant. Side note..I was so suicidal at one point on effexor I ate maybe 2 bottles 300mg pills, to overdose. Legs went first, couldnt move em. Also note withdrawals set in upon only missing 2 or so days. STAY AWAY FROM EFFEXOR.,!!! SIMILAR SIDE EFFECTS FROM CELEXA ALSO.
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I was on Effexor and I gained about 5 lb. then I went got the depo shot shortly after due to the server birth defects Effexor can cause. I have now put on around a totally if 18lbs. I am in fitness and eat health a vegetarian diets with some shrimp for protuberance when I go into heavy weight training. I have been off the depo now for 16. 16 weeks after my last shot. I do not know if the Effexor had a larger part in contributing to the weight other than the 5 lbs or how much depo did. But I dislike them both and would never ever take either again. I have been off the Effexor for two days. I also had sever admins rectal bleeding. Which can be a side effect of Effexor. I am pretty miserable right now fighting to get my fit body back and the serve depression that has come along with the gaining of so much weight so uncontrollably.    
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I have been on 250 mg of Effexor for a year with no weight side effects. Everyone is different, but you should give it a try if you are depressed. It started working within a week for me.  English
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Hi there, I know this question was asked a few years ago, not sure if people are still active on here?  I did want to chime in on my experience so far on Effexor and losing weight.
I've been on Effexor for 2 months and have lost 20 pounds.  Part of it is loss of appetite, it feels like an appetite suppressant to me.  And I'm also wired and awake most of the time, so I am in constant motion, I go to the gym 4 times a week, walk 1 hour a day just to burn off some pent up energy!.  BUTTTTTTTT, there is a HUGE BUT here, I haven't had a solid sleep since I started.  I'm suffering insomnia big time.  A good night is 4 hours sleep with 2 different prescription sleeping pills :(  A bad night sleep is NO sleep.  I take Effexor mainly for anxiety, so my anxiety is the absolute worst at night with tossing and turning and my eyes wide open.  For example it's 7:30am and I have not slept in 24 hours......sooo, weight loss or sleep?  So tired of all these meds.  Dunno if this post helped anyone or made it worse.    PS.  I am 41 and was in need of a 40 pound weight loss, so I haven't hit the underweight categorie, luckily I have plenty of extra padding to part with :) I would be terrified of this weight loss if i was of a healthy weight to begin with.  I'm also on Effexor for mild depression and the depression is gone, but anxiety is upped at night.  
I think different people just respond differently to different meds.  I was on Seroquel and gained 20 pounds in one month.  Horrible drug.
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