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Fasting for ten days,is it healthy?

Hi,can you fast for ten days,just eating raw vegetables,and drinking plenty of liquids?Will you lose a lot of weight in 10 days?I am thinking about doing this after Christmas,so that I will start losing weight again.Has any one else tried this,fasting for 10 days.just eating raw vegetables and drinking plenty of liquids.If so what was your out come,did you lose wight,and keep it off,or did it come back a few weeks later.Any info,is appreciated.
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I've done a cleanse in the past (ate clean foods and took supplements to help my bowels and liver detox), but have never done a fast with vegies and water. I've heard different things about cleanses. Some people say that it's really important to include protein with a cleanse because liver enzymes require proteins - such as fish or protein powders. The one thing to make sure is that you are having bowwel movements, because you don't want to have your body reabsorb any toxins. That's why I've taken supplements to help go to the bathroom and to help my liver detox. I've done it a couple times (not to lose weight, but to feel better) and usually lose about 5 pounds in a few weeks. But, besides the weight loss, I've felt amazing! I wish you the best with it. Hope my long answer has helped.
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I think this is called the raw food diet, some stars like Demi Moore are on this diet.

Yes you will lose weight by doing this, but when you get off of it and go back to your regular eating habits you will put back on the weight.  The water weight that you lose immediately, will come back immediately as soon as you put some type of carb in your mouth.
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you know that Biggest Loser Dr has a book, in his book the first 10 days are kind of like this. Basically all fruits, veggies and a little bit of whole grain. It supposedly detox's you system too.

I think it is probably a great thing to do this time of year!! lol
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