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Gastonia Weight Loss Clinic with hCG shots

Couldn't reply to another thread, but I have just started at the weight loss clinic on Union Road in Gastonia.  They have low calorie diet that is based on a glycemic index.  The doctor also offers hCG shots.  The doctor was kind of dry, but straighforward.  The staff was absolutely outstanding.  The office was very busy and I had a chance to talk to some returning patients and those that I spoke with were doing very well with the program.  It has been just over a week and I have not weighed, but I can tell you that I can already tell that my clothes fit better.  I'll keep everyone posted.  

Here is the information from the program packet I received.  

Carolina Bariatrics
AE Kalinski, MD
Karen Gorski, PA-C

704 861-0707

Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Heather,
I have been trying to get the number for the Doctor here in Gastonia ever since I heard we had one closer then Huntersville...Does this Doctor offer the same treatment as Doctor G...??
The B-12 shots and pills??
How much is it ,if you can tell me that??
And the phone number is the one you have listed in your comments??
Thanks a Bunch for any help and info. you can give......
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I also go to Carolina Bariatrics........I started in Huntersville in Dec.......It seems that EVERY
ONE that I have talked with is doing GREAT but my body seems to be resisting the HCG injections.........The PA in Gastonia checked my thyroid........and it came back perfectly normal.......I asked them what would be the reason for my inability to continue to lose weight and they didn't seem to have any real answers.......I think I need more units of HCG..........Dr. G in Huntersville did mention that some people will be resistant.........and I guess I was one of the ones.......but I am still continuing with the program and will return to my next appt. in April........
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I have been "studying" as to why I quit losing weight...........and I found out that if you drastically drop your calorie intake to 700-800 a day that your body automatically goes into "starvation mode"........and then it holds on to whatever it can .............I think the shots and phentermine are working but i do not agree that we should be advised to drop our calorie intake that much........because if you think about it you WILL lose a good bit of weight at first but it seems that MOST people plateau after that first month......I know i did and i am in month #4 and i am just now starting to lose again...........and to be honest i am trying to eat More...........and it's working !  But I am also walking/jogging 3 miles a day and working out at a gym several times a week so i had to start eating more..........I am sure that yours will pick back up too..........but your right .....it is very discouraging to see the scales go UP !
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I'm considering the hcg injections.  I weigh between 145 and 150.  I would like to be ~125 / 130.  I heard there is a clinic in Shelby NC giving the hcg injections.  Can anyone tell me why they are not FDA approved?  Does anyone know the side effects?  Where a practice gets the hcg?  How well is it tested (since it is from "human stuff")?  What if the "human" had diseases?  I really want to do it, but kind of scared?  Someone out know the answers??  Thanks for all your help!  curiousgirl06
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does the program really help with that stubborn belly fat?????
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I finnally see a doctor on monday, the doctor will be putting me on most likely phentermine and i will be taking the hcg shot, i am kind of worried about the shot because i take the depo provera birth control shot, people take hcg to ovulate and get pregnant i was just wondering if this might be something to worry about, i dont have my monthly cycle and dont really want it back, if someone might be in the same situation as i am or might know the answer im looking for please let me know.  If not i guess i will find my answer next week. wish me luck on the road to success.
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