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HCG Struggle (Weight Loss Stall)

Hello, I am on my 4th round of HCG, and my results are almost none.  My first round I went from 204 down to 185, my 2nd round from 185 to 172, my 3rd round from 173 to 172 (fluctuating between 172 - 174), and now 18 days into my 4th round I went from 195 to 191 currently.  My 3rd round I didn't loose more than about 5 lbs., and here on my 4th round my results have been almost none.  I don't seem to be hungry on the diet, and I have done the diet as close to protocol as I possibly can.  I am 5'4" tall, 31 year old female, and I feel my ideal weight should be between 125-135.  At the rate it’s been going, I don’t know how I’d ever get there.  The most of my problem is an enormous amount of loose belly fat.  Many times I have been mistaken for being pregnant.  I am now on my 4th round and am only about 14 lbs. less than I was when I started my first round in March of last year (2009).  I don't know what else I can do.  I am taking 200 ius of HCG by injection skipping one day per week.

Besides my current results being almost none, I have gained back most of the weight.  I saw on the 700 club last week that you burn more fat lifting weights versus doing cardio, and even though this diet doesn't require exercise, I am considering all avenues to combat this problem.  If anyone can help me get past this really long platue, I would be forever greatful.
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I have some questions and I apologize for not having any answers for you.

*Are you under a doctor's care or getting your rx from overseas?
*How long ago did you start the first round/over what period of time have you gained the weight back?
*Are you following the Simmeon protocol?

It is my understanding that you really can't do much exercise with this program because the 500/day diet doesn't leave you with enough energy for more than walking, so please be careful about that.
Also it my understanding that the less you have to lose, the slower you will lose it.

I am really interested in your answers, as I am about to buy the injections and start this myself. I have a couple of friends that have done it with amazing results, one of whom has been at her goal for almost a year now, and eats normal amounts of normal food now, no more dieting! And she, like me, was a fatty most of her life, not a normally thin person who's just recently gained and looking to get back to normal--SUCH a difference!
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You should add all natural organic coconut to cooking your meals or anything. It really gets your body out of that unwanted stalls.

I was in a stall in the last weeks for 1/5 2 week of my round 1 and read online about coconut and then started doing home made coconut candy recipe i found (HCG approved) and it kick started my weight lost the very next day and i lost a total of 35 for 42days.

On my 2nd round i followed the protocol initially and only lost the load up day weight but stalled and then added my coconut candy and coconut cooking method back and starting to lose again.

Luckily I love coconut so i could literally live off of it.

Here are the coconut products i use:

Cheap at Walmart: http://www.maxvite.com/1088/8145/Spectrum_Coconut_Oil_Unrefined_Organic/product.html

this is for baking deserts like brownies

These products have been a so000 good to me.

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