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Hey guys, this is kind of a success story.

My weight loss battle started over 2 years ago after giving birth my dear son Noah.  I have been depressed, feeling guilty for gaining as much weight as I did.  I never thought I could find something that truly works because yes, I am sucker for temptation, that meaning FOOD and the occasional cocktail.  

I started taking this product called "Roaring Tiger HD Black Label", starting weight 182 lbs and have lost 6 lbs in the past three weeks.  The pills were created by this company called Roaring Tiger and I ordered them online. Now mind you I have tried everything and anything to lose this postpartum weight after giving birth to my now 2 year old son LOL!   I have tried Xenadrine, Stacker 2, Stacker 3, Allli, and even prescription strength meds to no avail.  The one thing I have noticed about this supplement is that I am not suffering from dry mouth as with most products that out there.  Also, I do not find that I am jittery or get that "crashing" feeling by 5 p.m.  It does give me a little buzz right when I take it which goes away after I have a small meal.  The product does carry Niacin, so it will give you a Niacin flush if you are sensitive to it.  However, I worked my way around that side effect by just taking an advil 30 minutes prior to taking the supplement which in turn helps me feeling pretty great.   The bottle says to take two capsules but I just take one a day, combine by enrolling in their "FREE" trial  offer and I believe you get a total of 55 capsules, that's almost a 2 month supply.  To me it's cheaper than going to my Doctor and begging for another script of Phentermine.  

I am also combining the Nopalinaza that my mom found at Northgate and that's helping me be regular once again.  I feel like running a marathon haha.  And I am even starting to feel SEXY again.  

BTW the pills contain B6 that's always a plus in my book.  

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i've been taking phentermine for 6 months.. i've lost about 30 bs or so.. my stuck at a plateu ight now. need to loose 20 lbs. more. i take xanax .5could i take it with thoughs? honeslty, what do these pills make you feel like and do they really work?
1033878 tn?1252536921

I apologize for the delayed response.  Well these pills  make me feel energized believe it or not without the jitters and most importantly not the heavy mood swings that you get from Phentermine.  I seriously lost some friends along the way when I was on Phentermine because I would just stay away from them.  I remember driving home from work, mind you I have an hour commute and not turning on the radio at all.  This is odd for someone that loves music as much as I do.  I don't know if this happens to you but you "Zone" out per se when you are Phentermine.  Maybe is cause your body actually wants food and at times I found that I was mostly on starvation mode.  I couldn't even force myself to eat but I was so tired as soon as I got home, that I would try to find something to eat to regain some energy.  I felt lethargic while on Phentermine too and hated it.  Therefor I didn't really loose any real weight the second time around on Phentermine.  While on this HD pill I don't feel as "DUMB" and I am pretty focused at work.  When I get home I now want to put my youngest in the stroller and take that 45 minute walk.  Come home and have a light dinner not because I am hungry but because its the best thing to do for my body.  

I am pretty excited though!!!  

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