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I live in Auburn and I want to start the HCG DIet.

Where is the nearest hcg diet clinic in Auburn? And is it a good weight loss Program?
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I hear there is a Grand Opening of a new HCG Diet Center in Auburn.
Total Nutrition, Inc. - I just received one of their Flyers. Here is the info on the flyer:
Total Nutrition, Inc. is an hCG SlimXpress™ Certified Weight Loss Center in Auburn, WA offering a weight loss program that involves an overall wellness evaluation as well as recommendations on diet, exercise and the use of hCG which is an all natural hormone providing today’s patients with many amazing health and wellness benefits including rapid safe weight loss.

At our Auburn HCG Diet Centers we have developed a HCG weight loss program based on results from current medical studies on weight loss to create a HCG diet program that is designed to rapidly burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. We named this updated HCG diet program the HCG SlimXpress™ weight loss system. It is an aggressive weight loss regimen directed by a physician as it involves a natural hormone, hCG which is taken (either through an injection or orally) in very tiny amounts. Combined with the proper dietary restrictions, the effect can be sensational, with 3/4 to 1 lb per day of fat loss commonly seen.

Auburn HCG Diet & Weight Loss Center
724 Auburn Way N
Auburn, WA 98002
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I just went to a WONDERFUL Auburn Diet Center (or) HCG Diet Clinic and am having G-R-E-A-T results. Dr. Sykurski and Harvey, the education Coach really took their time and helped me understand how this amazing weight loss works! I am on my 6th day and have lost 6 lbs!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know where I went so y'all would know:

1314 Auburn Way North
Auburn, WA 98002

Oh! and their website is www.hcggold.com ..... I told them I would spread the good news to everyone close by like, Sumner, Puyallup, and other neigbors. I live in Puyallup so it is close for me.

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