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There haven't been any posts about Lipodissolve in about a week.   I am currently having lipodissolve treatments and it's nice to hear about other people's experiences and thoughts about it as well.    Am I looking in the wrong place ?   :)  Let me know where I can locate a message board about this.  Thanks !
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There was a thread with stlouis1here, but I think we filled the message quota.  
I'm 1 week in on 2nd treatment, outer thighs.  They did more shots, but over a larger section.  This one wasnt nearly as red or swollen as the first time.  
They said I should see something after this treatment, and I'm feeling quite hopeful.   I go for 3rd treatment August 4th.  I waited 3 weeks the first time, and doing 3 1/2 weeks this time, just to get it on a Friday so I'd have some weekend downtime in comfy clothes!  : )  I think 2 weeks is too soon (and others noted that as well).
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Thanks for your thoughts.  I had my 1st treatment to my lower abs last week and go for 2nd treatment next week.   Along with that,  they will do my inner thighs and upper abs at the same time as that next week.   I imagine it might be a bit much all in one day,  so we'll see what happens.   I will be happy once I have had a couple more treatments so I can start noticing the magic of this stuff !! LOL.   Will keep all updated.
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New to the boards - - in a panic attack over buying a treatment package on Friday, July 14th, I started searching online for answers!  I'm interested in what kinds of results for inner thigh people are having.  That was the only area I really wanted done.  I'm assuming this area is the most painful, so any pointers would be helpful...I haven't started the treatments yet in the KC office.  I had an activity on the following Saturday that wouldn't work well with having the injections the day before.  Thanks!
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I have my 1st lipo dissolve treatment scheduled for next week.  Has anybody done their inner and outer thighs and banana area?  If so, please tell me how it's going.
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Hi Kids,
Well, I found you all - I didn't know a new thread had been started.

My update.

I waited 4 weeks between my 3rd and 4th treatment on my abdomen.  I now have people noticing that I don't have a "belly" anymore.  This is wonderful. The pain has been worth it. I started at 148 lbs.  I am down to 134 lbs.  I have been doing Adkins diet for about 3 weeks.    

I had a different NP inject on the 3rd treatment - talk about pain and bruising - WOW!!  So, I go in for my 4th treatment this past Monday - back to the nurse who injected the first two times.  This one was wonderful.  Min. bruising, hardly any pain after the first hour.  They have started something new with the lipo injections.  They advise you to wear a compression garment to the area's.  I had an old girdle type thing from a long time ago.  I wore it for 24 hours.  Next day - minimal swelling.  Made such a difference in how I felt.  

I do have a few "knots" left and she told me to take a vibrating massager that has a heater on it - and rub it over the area's for about 20 minutes every evening.  She said it would break up the knots.  

I bought the package deal - it was scary when I signed those papers.  I am glad that I did it.  

I wish ya'all could see my results.  Good luck everyone.
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Okay, this should make everyone laugh a bit.  One of the reasons I went on Adkins - and made it known to everyone - was so that when I did appear to lose weight, everyone would atribute it to my diet.  I didn't want anyone to know that I spent money on the lipodissolve, especially my hubby.  LOL

Anyone else feel this way?
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how much was your treatment.
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I am treating 2 area's, upper abdomen and lower abdomen.  Cost was 4000.00  (ouch!!).  6 treatments to each area.

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i can see why you hid that amount from your hubby.As long as you look and feel good thats all that counts i wish you health and happiness.
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Great Thread, I'm so glad I found it.  I love hearing everyone's experiences.

I have had 3 treatments for inner thighs at Advanced Lipo Dissolve in KC.  The treatments were each 3 weeks apart.  I'm scheduled for my 4th treatment this week but am considering pushing it out another 4 weeks as I still have a lot of large lumps and I know its best to wait till they are gone, yet I am anxious to get my next treatment.

The first treatment they injected my inner thighs from the front.  The second time they did it from the back b/c I still had lumps then the third they went back to the front.  

I had the most pain and bruising after the first treatment.  I've been trying Arnica and I think it helps if you take it a few days in advance.

To anyone considering inner thighs:  Bring bike shorts to the treatment to wear home.  Not too tight though as you don't want to inhibit the swelling.  I wore loose bike shorts for several days after and this helped tremendously.  Also, if you sleep on your side try putting a pillow between your legs, this really helped me.

I think the inner thigh is a painful area as I was in pain for a few days.  The night after and following day were the worse, but I managed through it with Tylenol.

I wish I could report I'm seeing fantastic results, but I'm just not sure.  I think I can tell a bit.  The 4th treatment will be interesting.

Thanks to all on this thread.  I hope it says alive, I want to hear more about others who have had 4-6 treatments.

If this works, I will do other areas (outer thigh, banana, knees and upper arms are what I want.)  But I will probably find a cheaper place in KC.  Recommendations appreciated.
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Okay - what is the "banana" area that I keep hearing about?  Thanks
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The banana is the back of the upper thighs, right above the rear end.   I have a lot of cellulite there and am hoping this would help.
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