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Lipodissolve Results- has anyone actually had any?

I have gone through three of the six treatments for my inner thighs through Lipodissolve in KC and since I have started, my legs have gotten 2 inches (at least) bigger in circumference!! I know that at first it is swelling...but I have taken 7 weeks off from treatments to let the swelling come down to see if I have any results and I don't... I'm worse off than when I started. Now, before you ask- My diet is as clean and healthy as can be and my training is better than ever. SO its not like I'm using this as a quick fix and doing whatever i want. I am using lipodissolve to get rid of the genetics I was passed down. Anyway, my question is whether anyone has had the same problem or if anyone has actually had measurable results.
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Hello everybody,
I just got the first lipodissolve injection on my love handles and, man at first it did not hurt but then later when i was living the building i though i was going to faint it was pretty bad at the biginning but now it does not hurt that much i have some swolen areas but nothing major, sorry to ask but how much can you really lose. I am in Arizona and driving 3 hours everytime, for my app. So hopfully this is worth it.
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Are you working out harder---building bigger quads--that could be the cause of larger upper legs?  I have been doing lipo in KC at Monarch (on love handles/abds) and am seeing results.  I was going every other week (to different areas) but waited longer this time and can actually see some results.  Hang in there.
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