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Lipodissolve users

Has any one used and had sucess with Lipodissolve
Any feedback good or bad would be really appreciated before I give it a try.

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I'm trying it now. I've had two sessions and going for the third tonight.  I don't see much change yet but I'm scheduled for four.  I'll keep you posted.
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I getting the injections i have gotten 3 in my lower abs and 1 inthe upper I have so many lumps  im already on an month break ...I do regret getting the shots because I have not seen any real results,instead Ive gotten larger in the areas treated I'm going to be patient and wait 4 results....I just wish I knew when results are goind 2 show....
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I've had Lipodissolve on 4 May on my stomach and love handles.
My doctor said that I needed 1 session which was a cost of $450AUS and a total of 150 injections.  My stomach swelled and bruised the next day then took about 2 weeks for the swelling to go down.  My doctor advised to exercise, go on a good eating plan and perhaps loose some weight and massage the area for 30min a day, everyday.  This all apparently speeds the process of fat dissolving.  Its been nearly 5 weeks and the treated area is lumpy and sometimes itchy, this is not a problem, but the stomach & sides feel sore, as if I've done really strenuouse exercise and the muscles are sore, he said this will continue even after 8 weeks.  I can see a nice shape developing to the sides of my body, the love handles are dissapearing and its taking on a nice smooth shape, although there is still fat there, but the shape is curvier, there is also less fat on my stomach.  The final results should be seen at approx. 8 weeks.
However, I dont know if my shape is changing becasue I've lost about 2kg, which I'm not happy about as I'm rather thin already
approx. 48kg (98lbs) but I know that when I lost weight before the love handles were still bulging now it is smooth and my stomach is flatter.  SO far I'm really pleased with the results, even if I'm still sore.  (may be a little differnt in US)
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Thanks for the response, any more updates from anyone?
Bella I too am in Australia, I had my first treatment 8 weeks ago (I am much larger than you) it was sore and bruised for about 10 days, but If its not wishful thinking Im sure I have lost a few inches (upper and lower abdomen) My second treatment of three is next week, if I dont see a big improvement after that then I wont go for the third, I have taken my own measurements this time so I can compare after a few weeks.
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I've had 2 treatments on my lower abs and 1 on the upper abs.  I have lots of little lumps on the lower abs.  It's been 2.5 weeks since the 2nd treatment.  Also, still sore.  The upper abs are doing well, no lumps left, not so sore.  Bruising was minimal with the 2nd treatment.  

I can definately tell a difference on the lower abs.  My clothes are also fitting better.  I am schedule for my 3rd treatment next Monday.  Wondering if they will do it when they feel all these little lumps.  

Would love to have the area under my eyes done - but just don't want the swelling and lumps under my eyes.
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It is now 7 weeks post lipodissolve and I'm really pleased with the results.  The love handles have gone and my stomach is flatter, but not all the fat has been removed.  My doctor also said that the fat will continue to dissolve even after 8 weeks.
The areas are not painfull anymore, maybe just a little, as I'm still massaging but not as often, quite frankly, I cant be bothered anymore, I massaged everyday for 6 weeks and have had enough!  I still have lumps under the skin and its sometimes itchy but ok.  How come you guys have several sessions 3 weeks apart?  How many injections do you receive at the one time?
I had it done all at once, I suppose if I wanted ALL the fat to be removed, I can have more shots, but only after 10 weeks, no sooner.
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