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Metformin and weight loss

I've been taking 500 mg/day of metformin.  Just wondering if any of you have taken this, and if so, have you experienced any weight loss?
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I have been on it for a 3 weeks now and i havent lose anything. I hope it takes a effect soon. I think maybe by adding more exercise weight may decrease.
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My doctor finally decided on a diagnosis of PCOS but only prescribed me 500mg once a day. I do not go back for 4 months so he is not trying to slowly increase my dosage, just leaving me at 500mg a day. Has anyone seen any positive effects at such a low dosage?
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You are not alone I just diagnose with type 2 and was put on met. i am  scared too  , because of all the side effects. have you lost any weight since you on it?
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I was waiting to see the update on how you did on Metformin.  I just began taking it two days ago.  So far some GI upset.  Looking forward to weight loss and hoping that is one of the side effects for me. But i was following your notes and wondering were you able to stay on it and has it affected your weight.
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     Hey everyone... I was diagosed with PCOS when I was 16. I have always been overweight, but within the last few months it has gotten really bad. I am 5'4" and now 235 pounds... and miserable. I went to the dietician and the endocrinologist, got put on a strict diet and metformin.
     For the diet, eating 6 times a day, small meals. I am having a hard tme eating six times a day though. And with the met... I've been on only two weeks. I started with only 500 mg for a week, 1000 mg for a week and now I'm at my full dose (for the last two days) of 1500 mg. I have not lost any weight, I think. My family says that my belly looks a little smaller and my scale looks like it says I've lost 5 pounds, but I really don't think I've had any luck.
     I want to make the best of this experience and do what it takes to lose this weight! Can anyone please help me? Give me ideas and/or tips to lose this weight while on the met? Please... I'm kinda desperate. Does it take longer than two weeks to start seeing results?
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Met is for sugar spikes caused by carbohydrates like pasta, rice, breads, cereal, or stuff loaded with sugar (juice). You should stay away from juices, sodas, even diet soda (it still works like sugar) and stick to fresh fruit. So if you are just eating a protein and a vegetable low in sugar and not eating carbs then metformin might make you feel a little nauseous.

Make sure you eat a carb with your protein and you should be fine. Also, eat at least 25 grams of fiber each day (high fiber breads and cereals and in fruit vegetables) and this will work with the metformin to speed up the lowering of blood sugars in your body!
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What I haven't heard mentioned at all is the importance of fiber for diabetics. It lowered my A1C from 7.1 to 6.1. This is even when I stopped taking my metformin for awhile! I still have a weight problem and didn't know that metformin helps with weight loss. So I'm going to start taking the prescribed 500mg 3x a day again and combine it the fiber for a double wammy!

BTW, was eating at least 20g of fiber a day and sometimes up to 35g per day. The average fiber consumption in other countries is 25g a day or more, while americans only eat 5-15g a day!

Its easy to incorporate fiber in diet, found in high fiber cereal, to save money I buy Raisin Bran (any brand on sale), or high fiber oatmeals. Add a piece of fruit with cereal. (take a met) with meal. Also, I eat double fiber bread for lunch w/peanut butter and jam, or turkey ham and olive oil mayo, it has 1/2 the fat! Eat with a salad. (a met)..dinner, protein with baked potato, corn, brown rice or high fiber noodles (any kind).a vegetable. I eat smart balance marg. w/omega-3, Just use reasonable amounts of the fats. I also fry using olive oil. (a met).

I would be interested to hear from others who try this out. =)
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I started taking metformin a few months ago but stopped because it made me have a period when I haven't had a period in several years and I am 54 years old.  Can any of you ladies speak on this.  I am supposed to take metformin for weight loss but if its going to make me have a period, forget that action, I'd rather be overweight.
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When I was reading your story I was shocked at how it is exactly my story.  I have been suffering for the past 10 years, and thousands of dollars later, thyroid testing over and over again, and finally, an NP mentioned PCOS to me.  I had NEVER heard of this!  I am supposed to be starting Met soon...I'm going to ask about alcohol consumption first though, as I have an anniversary coming up in two weeks, and will hold out until I start it if I need to.  I HOPE it helps regulate my hormones, and periods, and helps me get some sleep!
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I been on this med for a month for pcos and am also insulin resistant, I also changed my eating habit completely instead of eating alot of   pre-packaged food I know eat healthier food such as fruit, veggies, cut out sugar, and things that contain high fructose corn syrup, and corn syrup which is something my nutritionist and my obgyn told me to most definitely cut out of my diet since then I have lost weight. Exercising also helps speed up the process cuz without exercise you can gain the weight back later. The pill HELPS you loose weight it's not a magic pill. But look at how much of your everyday foods have those ingredients in them. Cereal, bread, syrup, yogurt, etc. just to name a few. Goodluck
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I also hear commercials say that your body doesn't know the difference between high fructose corn syrup or regular sugar. And according to my doctors and research. High fructose corn syrup is man made and takes 3x longer for your body to digest than sugar and with it being in everything prepackaged that's eaten that's why my docs said stay away from it. I have been and with the medformin, including exercise I  have lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks. :)
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I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes a few days ago and started Met today. I'm 5'2 and weigh 170 though I'm pretty muscular and don't look my weight. Anyway, obviously I still need to lose some weight. I really started looking at my health a few months ago when I was diagnosed with severe anemia. Since then I've been eating healthier (though still not great) and exercising regularly. Also started taking badly needed vitamins. When I was diagnosed last week, I really kicked it into gear and went back to a low carb/high(er) protein diet. So far I've lost 3 lbs since Wednesday without Met. Hoping the med will help me lose enough weight so I won't have to be on Met anymore and can control my BG naturally. Also, hoping that the side effects can help with the low carb/high protein since this diet usually leads to constipation for me (in addition to the iron supplements I have to take for the anemia). With that said, hoping the side effects won't be too bad either... in the "you get what you ask for" kinda of way. Fingers crossed on all counts!
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I'm looking for some feedback from women who are 50ish and post menapausal.  In my earlier comment, I mentioned that after taking metformin for weight loss I got a menstrual period that lasted about 5 days, so I stopped taking the metformin.  Is or has anyone else experience this or something like it.  Please let me know.  My doctor said to keep taking it and eventually my body will adjust, so I started taking it again a couple of weeks ago and to date have lost 3 pounds.  So, I want to stay on it but I don't know about the periods and all the parafynalia that goes with them.  Please respond, I'm very curious to hear from others.  Thanks.    
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i am 16 years old and was diagnosed with hypothyroid in december. i couldnt get the 30 lbs of weight i gained off of me.  my doctor just started me on metformin 500 mg yesterday. what foods should i eat? and do you think 500 mg of metformin is enough for weight loss?! thank you!
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Hi Audrey,
I take 4 tabs of metformin per day at 500 mg each and i have found that eating more protein is better for me.  The first week or two I lost 3 pounds and didn't have much of an appetite but now I am starting to go back to my past habits.  You have to give yourself time to let your body adjust to the change.  Also ask your doctor about a prescription for you to talk to a nutritionist who can advise you on balanced meals and snacks.  Good luck.
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Hi Carol...I just wanted to put your mind at ease.  Your story sounds just like mine.  My mother died a slow death (at 58) from diabetes- almost completely blind (saw shadows only), a damaged heart and on dialysis (for less than a year).  Her father died at 59 with an leg amputation.  Needless to say, the genetic component is so powerful and too hard to ignore...SO, when I was told that I was insulin resistant, after slowly gaining about 55 lbs. in a span of four years, I told myself I was NOT going down the same road as my mother if I could help it.  I continually begged my doctors for help and wouldn't let up.  It took several years and two endocrinologists before the 2nd one would let me try Metformin.  This was January 2007. You see, I have kidney damage and we don't know why )prior to starting this medicine...kidney infections, pain relievers, high blood pressure, etc.--no add'tl. damage since taking this medicine so don't worry).  Since the medicine has to be flushed from your system via the kidneys, any impairment could be very dangerous.  Therefore, my advice to you would be to ask your doctor about your kidney function (creatinine, albumin, bun, protein, etc.) before you ever start this medicine.  Anyway, I got my doctor to go along with me and, VOILA....success.  Since I was not a bad eater to begin with and already was a walker, my weight immediately started to drop.  In all, I've dropped 40 lbs. and kept it off.  I went off the Metformin for almost a year since I started seeing another endocrinologist closer to home and she did not feel comfortable with my being on Metformin with my kidney bloodwork being what it was.  Well, I went to my nephrologist (kidney specialist) this past summer, did a 24-hr. urine catch and my results for output and quality was great.  He gave me the clearance to go back on the Metformin if I wanted to and would notify my endocrinologist that it was okay to do so.  I am confused, though, since my A1C was 5.1 on my summer bloodwork and all the other numbers were fine yet my endo said I am still insulin resistant.  I don't get that since my A1C was so great (anything under 6 is great).  How she knows that, I don't know but I have another appt. in a few weeks and we shall see what she says then.  Anyway, Metformin gave me my life back since my weight was NEVER like that my entire life, and I felt horrible...no energy, felt like I was drugged, etc  I also have Graves Disease (hypothyroid), turned 50 (the menopause curse is lurking) and am still insulin resistant.  I have been at this current weight since the initial weight came off with the Metformin.  I still have 15 to lose before I am where I want to be but it is a struggle.  It's at least a normal struggle.  Before Metformin, no matter what I did, nothing worked.  It was so frustrating.  Also, I've never really had any difficulty with this drug's side effects, despite what others have said.  I thank God I got the chance to be on it.  Lastly, with it being almost 2012, I am still not a diabetic so, again, I am thankful for this medicine.  My first endocrinologist told me that I wasn't diabetic at the time and he wanted to do all he could to make sure I didn't become one.  Good luck with your journey and hang in there.  Give it a chance, don't be afraid, listen to your doctor, exercise (cardio), watch your diet and portion sizes and do a lot of research on your own about diabetes.  BE PROACTIVE!  Lots of great sites out there (DaVita, dLife, etc). Eat like a diabetic and you'll be fine. God Bless!
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Hey y'all. Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. So at about the 6 month mark on met and I'm down 20 lbs and am weraring a size 10/12. Honestly, I could have done better but started slacking off on my workouts. Also, once the side effects started to wear off more I probably at more sweets than I should have. But I'm back committed to my Turbo Fire and Kettlebell workouts and trying to cut more sugar from my diet.
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I've gone on Metformin for weight loss and because I am pre-diabetic. Your comment was very encouraging, as I have a friend who is diabetic and see all the complications from this disease. So far I have lost my cravings for sweets and I am not so hungry in the evenings. Wish me luck, I want to live a long life......
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I went for my yearly physical on November 7th.  I had gone and done all my blood work the week before so that my doctor would have it when I went in.  My sugar levels were in the diabetic range after fasting so she sent me for the 2 hour glucose tolerance test. I had the test done on November 8th, and spent the next 15 days changing my diet significantly and dusted off my treadmill.  I went back for my results on November 21st and my glucose level was 11.1...which is the highest end of pre-diabetes. If I were to go .1 higher I would be considered a diabetic.  

I am 5'3" and I weighed 247lbs on the 7th.  When I went in for results on the 21st I was down to 240! I lost 7lbs by using only diet and exercise.  My doctor suggested we treat me as if I were diabetic so I have got myself a blood glucose monitor as well as started Metformin.  I am only taking 1 500mg pill at night right now, and I plan on increasing it sometime next week to 2 - 500mg pills a day.  Reading all of these posts is VERY encouraging, especially since I still have at least another 100lbs to lose.  

My next doctors appointment is on December 19th and we will go through my glucose journal and have my weight checked.  I sure hope the Metformin works the same for me as it has for many people who have posted on here!
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I'm 21 years old - I was about 180 when I was in 6th grade.  Went down to 140 pounds by the time I entered High School.  Everything was great -of course I still thought I was fat but I'd go back anyday and get to that again.  I'm now 5'6" and 225 pounds.  My doctor put me on Met because of studies helping weight loss.  He said I should be eating 3 small to medium meals and protein snack in between.  I eat like crap..no doubt about that. Any suggestions what I should be eating?
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