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The correct spelling of the medication

I just wanted you to correctly spell the drug topamax.  Thanks
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Topamax is the common name for Topiramate, an anticonvulsant given to prevent tonic-clonic seizures.  If that is the drug you ar looking for, you spelled it correctly.
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Yes I take topamax for migraines, and now at 100 mg 2 times a day my migraines are almost completely stopped, and I am more than grateful.  It took many weeks to get on the proper dosage because of the many side effects, however it was worth every one of them.  My neurologist told me that some people experience significant weight loss on this medication once on their maintenace dose.  I am beginning to experience that.  It happens to be one of those good side effects in my case.  I follow my physicians recommendations to the letter concerning medication.  It's good to have this web site to check in to.
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Hi There, What would be this web-site to check into? I just started with this medication for my migraines, but would love that side effect..That would be a plus for me..
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