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Weight loss encouragement

Since age 21, I have had a struggle with my weight.  I am a lifetime member of a very well known weight loss program, and I know how to take off the pounds.  Discipline has been my weakness.  I am now eating low carb.  And it works terrific for me.  Mostly, what I eat are high protein foods, and vegatables.  I forgoe the bread, potatos, and pastas.  I do not eat a dessert, but will allow a bite of something sweet.  I was completely miserable for two days.  Did not feel well at all.  Now, I am not craving meals.  I am not craving sweets, and I have less headaches.  And I am losing the weight, which gives me the greater desire to eat well.  I eat lots of chicken, and will probably start growing feathers soon.  Bottom line of what I have learned in this world of weight loss is eat right, small portions, and exercise, and it will come off!  Don't get me wrong, I still have a day or so of eating some pasta, etc., but the low carb thing is working for me.
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Exercise helps a lot.. it gives me something to do other than eating.... have hope and keep at it!
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Congrats on your success!  I'm currently trying the weight loss drug Meridia and it does work to curve your appettite and some pounds are coming off slowly.  But the hardest part of all this is finding the motivation to exercise - that's my weakest part right now.   I always seem to find some excuse not to go for that walk or not to go to the gym.  (For which I've had a membership for over a year and have gone about a couple dozen times!)

What do you do to motivate yourself for exercise? Any helpful suggestions?

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I recently joined a gym to try to shed off some holiday weight and it seemed like the exercise wasn't working.  But it finally did and the results are what motivated me.  It's just getting started that's the hard part.  I take my workout clothes with me to work and go straight to the gym.  Once I'm home it's impossible for me to get the motivation to go.  Another trick is to eat an apple about 20 minutes before you're going to go.  An apple packs more energy than a can of coke.  I totally notice a difference.  I am so tired at the end of the day so I eat an apple and it has worked wonders.

Something else I have done is replace my ingredients with organic and all natural ingredients instead of the typical cheap stuff you can get at a normal grocery store.  I've heard from a couple of nutrition people and trainers that it's hard for the body to break down a lot of the stuff that's in most food these days so the food stays in your body longer and makes you feel tired and gross.  I didn't really change too much about the kinds of food I eat (pizza, pasta, breads, etc.), I just started using better ingredients and really noticed a difference.  I also started mixing in vitamins.  I hated fruit (I think it's a texture thing) so I started making fruit smoothies.  I add in spurilina (which is really good, gives you nutrients you find in veggies and doesn't change the taste), flax oil, the omegas, etc.  It's great.  You can also add in organic chocolate chips.  Mmmmmmm...
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I really don't exercise a whole lot anymore.  After having two kids, exercise doesn't agree with my bladder much anymore!  But that's a another story.  The exercise I used to love is Jazzercise, which is great for women.  Not many guys attend the sessions.  We just finished building a pool, so I hope to be in that a lot this summer.  I really can't say enough for the low carb thing I am doing.  No cravings and I have energy.  I go in a week for blood work for monitoring my cholesteral, so I am very interested to see what it is, as I have lost 14 lbs in the last 2 1/2 months.  I have increased my eating of protein, which I know contains more cholesteral than what I used to eat.  I am on Lipitor, and I hope with the weight loss, I can kick that one.  As far as motivation for the exercise which is needed, especially for weight loss, is just go do it.  No matter what...
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Thanks for the tips.  I did try going to the gym directly from work and it worked for a while...but...
I work fulltime and live with and look after my elderly mom who has COPD and is on oxygen 24/7.  Although I don't have kids -this takes up alot of my time (such is life...).  My mom goes to a day program once a week, but other than that she's homebound and I just hate leaving her home alone for another hour after work.  I tried getting up early before work and before she's up but with our cold winters in Canada it's just too easy to stay warm in bed!  

I guess I just have to do it and quit complaining! lol...

I know once I start seeing good results it will be easier and I sure hope what they say about more energy is true too - cause I could sure use more of that too!

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Got my total cholesteral, and it's 218.  I am a little bummed, but I knew it would probably be higher due to the increased amount of protein I've been eating.  Who said losing the weight would be fun....:]
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If you need motivation to exercise, find a friend or family member about your size to join the gym with.  It ends up being alot of fun, and you'll go alot more often.
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for lunch try smoked salmon . it is loaded in protein and very little cal.  
  i was on antibotics for 10 days and  could not believe how it curbed my appetite. obvious not a long term solution but it seems to  "jump start" me as  i lost major weight.
its easier to keep going when you see results.
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Another way to help is thru a product called Daily Detox Tea.  It helps cleanse your body and prepare it for additional weight loss support.  
For more information, please email me

Take care!
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