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excess Excercise

Ive heard that if u work one part of the body in exercise, such as biceps in wight lifting, then you must rest that certain area the next day.

Does this apply to mild exercise, for example would it be alright to do a certain amount of sit ups everyday, or do situps everyday, or is a day of rest required.

And also does anyoen know any exercises to best reduce "man breasts".

Appreciate any help, cheers
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By the way, does anyone know what wiehgts (dungbells) are good to start wieght lifting, heavy, but not really heavy. Thanks
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To begin lifting with weights, you should begin with a low weight like 2-5 pounds and build up to heavier ones as your muscle builds.  You can exercise whatever days you wish, skip one or two as  long as you are happy with the results.  You will need to keep to a routine in order to keep the results you achieve.  If you just want to strength train, a couple of days will do, if you wish to bulk up and have a 6-pack, then daily exercise is a must.  If you don't wish "man breasts" don't do the exercises that increase those muscles.  Good luck
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Hi Chris,  I know a few things from all the fitness books I've read that might help you. First you can do an many situps as you want, everyday of the week if you wanted. There is no need for a rest between "core" exercises. Other muscles like chest and bicepts, glutes, and hamstrings need time to recover. Basically what I've learned is that when you exercise (weight training) you putting micro tears in your muscles and in order to gain muscle, which I'm assuming you want to do, you have to give them a days rest to recover. How it was explained to me was your muscles is like a wound when you finish workinging out, the next day it needs time to recover, to "scab" over, which is actually more muscle being developed. Thats where muscle bulk and definition come from. I, being female, dont want that so it's recommended that women use lighter weight and more repetitions.

For men it is recommended that you pick a weight you can do 10 reps of without feeling completely beaten. So pick a weight you can exercise with for 10 reps with a minimal break and do this 3 times. Thats were you begin and add more weight as it gets easier.

As for the chest area, What I've read about target areas (when I was/am trying to get rid of the fat underneath your upper arms) is that no particular exercise will get rid of it. The target exercises will define your muscle underneath the fat but areas like your chest, beneath your tricepts, lower abs, etc need cardio, you just have to eat better (they said "bad" fat contribute to fat in these areas.) and you have to do alot of cardio.

I hope this helps, you can do a google search for these types of things, but I would go to reliable sources like fitness.com, ect.

Also this might help. A little info I found on the net...I was bored at work...


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Weight lifting is great and I highly recommend it for everyone. I've been lifting for over 10years know and my husband for about 15years. Male or female, you can go heavy on the weights. If you go light, do more reps. If you go heavy, do fewer reps. Alot depends on your age. My husband is 31 and still goes heavy unless he is trying to really rip up. Then he'll do more reps and drop-sets. As for resting, it really depends on how hard you are working your muscles. If you are only doing one exercise per muscle group you can do it each day. If you are hitting an area hard.. like your arms (bis and tris) or your chest and doing 3-4 exercise per area, you should definitly rest at least a day maybe more. Most who working areas hard only do them once per week. Ex: Monday: Leg, Tuesday: Bi, Tri, Chest, Friday: Shoulders, Back, Lats. And you can do cardio and abs as much as you like. Being female I used to do a split like this and lift heavy. Now that I have a kid, I only have time to lift twice a week and must do it a little different. Being male or female won't matter if you lift heavy or lift. Females have different hormone arangements and no matter how heavy we lift without taking some male hormones we won't get big.. it's just not in our making. Good luck.. check out the book Body for Life. It's a step by step guide with workouts and examples of diets that will work if you stay with it. It's really good for beginners!!
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