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hcG shots in Arizona?? help.

Hi, I live in Yuma on the border of Arizona and mexico but am willing to drive hours if need be...! Anyone that can recommend a doctor/clinic in Arizona? (Please don't suggest trying to get it from mexico and bring it back to the u.s.) I really want to start this the "right" way! Many thanks!
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I've been going to AZ Integrative Medical Center in Scottsdale, AZ. The clinic is very nice, friendly doctor & staff, etc. etc. It is legitimate and reasonably priced compared to what I read that some people here are paying! (480) 214-3922. hope this helps you!
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I have been going to Medshape weight loss clinic in Phoenix.  I have been doing the full hcg program and have went down three sizes in under 6 weeks.  This place is wonderful.  I know they have clients from all over Arizona.  The doctor will allow you to take the injections home if you like.  I think the prices were good also.  The place is really motivating becasue the lobby is always packed and you get to hear other cleints talk about their fast weight loss.  You can not go wrong with hcg.  I am loving it!  This place is wonderful! 480-413-9000.  Give them a try.
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I see Dr. Conrad Hicks in Phoenix 480-223-1901.  The HCG program kit is $700 to get started.  I've been doing the shots for 8 days and have loss 9 pounds.
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I have been using Dr Cameron in Phoenix at Body Solutions MD. I have lost 20 # in the past three weeks. 480-304-4957. My friend is also doing it, but at another clinic. They are not offering everything at her clinic. We have HCG, B-12 shots and a transdermal cream that increases the weight loss in our program. They also do a I-Dexa scan and a V02 Max test which I shopped around. Mayo is the only other place with this equipment...I would recommend their program...It is the first time I have been able to lose weight.
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My pain management doctor, Dr. Bird offers the HCG diet. I have been seeing him for pain and we decided that weight loss would be helpful. I have lost 23lbs so far and my back pain has improved considerably. The phone number to the clinic is 480-413-0586.
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You might want to look at mydietsolutions website at the new video blogs they put up about HCG... pretty eye-opening stuff there.  I honestly was looking at HCG but didn't feel comfortable inside with it, so went the B12 Lipotropics route.  After watching those blogs... I'm glad I did!
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This is the website for Dr Smythe in Yuma, AZ. His clinic is Up2Par and is located just down the street from Womens Health Specialists. His office number is 928-341-0700. He doesn't offer the shots, but he does use real HCG tablets (formulated especially at Kachina Pharmacy) and not the homeopathic stuff. Good luck to you! Kelly
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