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hcg weight gain?

HI Everyone. Has anyone ever felt as if they gained weight on the HCG program during the first 2 days of it?  I feel heavier and my scale showed I gained one pound.I am following the diet exactly, drinking plenty of water(3/4 of a gallon per day)I feel so distraught right now, I just want to cry. Can anyone give me words of advice and encouragement? Im at my wits end with my weight and I feel as if this is my last resort, I need it to work.  Thank you.
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Don't worry that happened with me also, actually I gained 2 pounds on my first 2 days, today was my 5th day and this morning I'm down 4 1/2 pounds.
Don't give up!!!!!
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its just water weight. everybodys weight does that. one day you get on it and it says a pound less then the next day its back to what it was. dont worry about it. :)
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I thought of that(water weight) but I actually felt heavier today, my clothes fit tighter etc. (I just ended my period 3 days ago so it's not that) Im just really worried and sad. Anyway, thanks for responding and please wish me luck.
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Thank you for responding.  I just feel heavier.  I am praying that i will feel better and drop a pound or two in the next few days.  Congrats on your pound loss. It was sweet of you to share your experience with me.  Thank you.
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Tryt not to be upset.  It's just the beginning. Try not to get on the scale for a few days either.  My doc said to avoid the scale (but I know it's really difficult). Please  just stick to the diet, H2o, and make sure you get some exercise in....at least 30 minutes of walking if you can't get to a gym.  7 days are better but if you can only do 3 or 4 that is better than doing nothing.  If you can't do it for that long, work up to it doing a little more each day.  That h20 will start flusing itself out in a few days.  Just keep drinking it.   Oh yeah...keep a daily notebook of everything you eating. It's the only way to know for sure exactly how many cals you're consuming.  Please know we are here for you.

PS: 've been stuck for 4 weeks without losing anything but I just can't give up.  When I get on the scale I want to cry.  Then I think "well...at least I'm not gaining". Small consolation prize, I know, but I'm going to have doc check thyroid.  
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Thank you for your encouragement.  I will do everything exactly as you advised, including not getting on the scale for a few days.  I'm sorry to hear that you arent losing any.  Please look into the Wilson's treatment, I think you may be a candidate because inablity to lose weight is a symptom of Wilson's Syndrome.  By the way, I liked your nick name here because my email address I use is rockgrl24@hotmail. :)  If you ever want to email me for info on Wilson's,or other things Ive done for my fibro, please do.  Thank you again for your kind response.  Good luck to you.
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You are such a doll. Re: Wilsons....was planning on calling my internist but not really sure what kind of doc I should actually see. I researched & def have all those symptoms....some not related to fms....like low body temp, heat/cold sensitivity.....unable to lose WEIGHT!!!   my dad is ill so must go up north....prob be away 10 days (can only drive 4 hrs day, if that) Leaving Sun a.m.

What kind of doc did you see?  If you could respond by Sat/nite I'd appreciate it.  This way I can make appt. right away since it usually takes a while to get one.

Thanks for the email addy. I'll make contact when I get back as I have so many questions for you. You'll recongize my email when you see it....lol.

Hate going away. That means no HCG, no gym, having to eat on the road and what family members prepare.  I'm not losing now but certainly don't want to gain back the little I managed.

Just keep up the good work.  I'm going to miss reading posts but will try & check in midweek, if possible.  

My thoughts are with you.  Keep the faith, g/f.  I know you can do it.  Anybody that has suffered w/our kind of med problems should at least be able to stay on a diet.....so I keep telling myself. ugh!
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Hello, I dread having to travel too because I know I wont be able to eat right and when I retrun home, I feel dissapointed and FAT.  Just try to eat small portions and try to eat the healthiest things available while your gone.  Also, since you wont have the gym available, try taking a walk when possible. You will feel better when you get back. I found a doctor who would treat me for Wilson's Syndrome on Wilson's website. There is a list of doctors who use his treatment plan. Most Doctors have either not heard of this illness/treatment or they are not willing to try the treatment. Maybe because it works too well and if everyone got better, they may run out of business :) My doctor(dr. Shah) is an M.D general practioner and a hormone specialist. He is wonderful and he is in Diamond Bar, CA. hope this helps. Have a safe trip and I hope your dad is feeling better soon.  Take good care of yourself. Bye!
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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to  try my best to walk (but these trips exhaust....esp. not having my own bed and ability to rest when I need it). I really appreciate your advise.  btw, I did find one doc on that site but he's about 3 hrs from me.  If it has helped you, then I guess I can go as long as it doesn't involve too many trips.  Does your ins. this type of treatment?

Glad to see you're in Cali.  I always feel 100% better when I went there. More energy, less pain.  Had planned to move....had job & apt lined up, then became too ill to work before I reached my goal. I hate this disease.

Stay strong for me this week, g/f. I know you can do this hcg/diet.
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Me, too. But determined
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