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hcg weight gain?

HI Everyone. Has anyone ever felt as if they gained weight on the HCG program during the first 2 days of it?  I feel heavier and my scale showed I gained one pound.I am following the diet exactly, drinking plenty of water(3/4 of a gallon per day)I feel so distraught right now, I just want to cry. Can anyone give me words of advice and encouragement? Im at my wits end with my weight and I feel as if this is my last resort, I need it to work.  Thank you.
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Don't worry that happened with me also, actually I gained 2 pounds on my first 2 days, today was my 5th day and this morning I'm down 4 1/2 pounds.
Don't give up!!!!!
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its just water weight. everybodys weight does that. one day you get on it and it says a pound less then the next day its back to what it was. dont worry about it. :)
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I thought of that(water weight) but I actually felt heavier today, my clothes fit tighter etc. (I just ended my period 3 days ago so it's not that) Im just really worried and sad. Anyway, thanks for responding and please wish me luck.
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Thank you for responding.  I just feel heavier.  I am praying that i will feel better and drop a pound or two in the next few days.  Congrats on your pound loss. It was sweet of you to share your experience with me.  Thank you.
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Tryt not to be upset.  It's just the beginning. Try not to get on the scale for a few days either.  My doc said to avoid the scale (but I know it's really difficult). Please  just stick to the diet, H2o, and make sure you get some exercise in....at least 30 minutes of walking if you can't get to a gym.  7 days are better but if you can only do 3 or 4 that is better than doing nothing.  If you can't do it for that long, work up to it doing a little more each day.  That h20 will start flusing itself out in a few days.  Just keep drinking it.   Oh yeah...keep a daily notebook of everything you eating. It's the only way to know for sure exactly how many cals you're consuming.  Please know we are here for you.

PS: 've been stuck for 4 weeks without losing anything but I just can't give up.  When I get on the scale I want to cry.  Then I think "well...at least I'm not gaining". Small consolation prize, I know, but I'm going to have doc check thyroid.  
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Thank you for your encouragement.  I will do everything exactly as you advised, including not getting on the scale for a few days.  I'm sorry to hear that you arent losing any.  Please look into the Wilson's treatment, I think you may be a candidate because inablity to lose weight is a symptom of Wilson's Syndrome.  By the way, I liked your nick name here because my email address I use is rockgrl24@hotmail. :)  If you ever want to email me for info on Wilson's,or other things Ive done for my fibro, please do.  Thank you again for your kind response.  Good luck to you.
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