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loosing weight

Can you loose weight well being on the depo shot? Ive been trying and trying and nothing seems to work   HELP!!!
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Every person I know and have read about (including myself) gained a significant amount of weight on depo and had serious problems taking it off. I recommend getting off depo and switching your birth control method. You will have much greater and swifter results the longer it is out of your system. If you ask your doctor he/she should be able to tell you that in recent studies the shot was proven to cause weight gain in a high percentage of women...
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I couldn't lose weight on depo no matter what I did. Constant exercises, starving, hcg shots, prescription diet drugs. My family blamed me, not the depo provera. I was heartbroken.

I stopped using depo and switched to Mirena.I still wasn't losing the weight, so I changed from my vegetarian,low cal, low fat diet, which wasn't working, and for 4 months I have been on a zero carb diet and lost 30 lbs in 4 months, Little or no exercise now by the way.

My family and BF now realize they were wrong, support me, and have encouraged this crazy diet of mine, even though they don't believe it's possible to eat protein and fat and lose weight. I really believe the depo made my body unable to process carbohydrates. Insulin resistance comes to mind.

In the years ahead, we may find Depo Provera banned.

Hope this helps.

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hey mamabear, im a depo shot receiver and to my amazement have had the same troubles as yourself.. i train hard and eat right and do all i can to lose and now i understand that i need to switch my methods of b.c..

thanks for the tips girls and i hope they do take that off the market.. its not healthy to try and lose weight and nothing happens. :(

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It is little bit difficult to lose weight on depo if you too fat.You can lose 10-20lbs from it it.if you want to lose more than that you have to select any other choice.
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I have never had a problem losing weight on the depo but I do have a problem gaining weight. My system takes to it different I guess. I'm a vegitarian as well but I eat a lot of junk expecially here recently.
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