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weight loss plateau...need ideas

Morning all. I started Phendimetrazine; plus B6/B12;ATP injections back in November 2006. My dosage of phen is now 3 times per day. My start weight was 213. Since then, I have been losing about 2-4 pounds per week. My weight right now is 175. I have plateau'd for the past three weeks fluctuating between 175-177, but I cant seem to get below the 175 mark. I work out 3-4 times per week religiously (1/2 hour weight training 2x per week 1 hour cardio/aerobic 4x per week). I have not eaten more, same pattern for the past 3 months, but cant seem to get past this plateau. My goal weight is 145.  Any ideas? Suggestions?? maybe change to Phentermine??  thanks!
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thanks for the encouragement. I have drastically reduced my calories to be between 1000-1200. I drink tons of water, NO sugars, NO sweets, I rarely drink soda and if I do its diet soda. I am happy with my 35 lb weight loss and my behavior change in the way i eat but I feel i am stuck . I will definitly stick to my plan and try to get over this bump in the road. thanks for your comment! :)
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I didn't notice your question before, I don't know if you are still checking it or not, but the exact same thing happened to me last fall, and yes, the way I busted it was by switching meds. I switched to phentermine for a month and the weight started coming off again quick. Your body just gets used to what you are doing and you have to keep giving it a surprise! Good luck!
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