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I have been working out for one month 5 days a week. I do cardo 30 minutes and weights for 45 on a low carb diet. I am a little sad today. I weighed myself and i have not lost any weight.
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Congratulations on adopting a work out regime. You need to remember that muscle weighs more than fat. The mass of a # of fat is larger than the mass of muscle. You are probably building the muscle, which is good, and therefore not losing the weight on the scale. How are your clothes fitting? Are you noticing any difference?

Congratulations & Good Luck!

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When you work out, you are exchanging your fat for muscle. Eventually you will build more muscle mass which causes your body to be more efficient at burning fat.

Size of 1 lb muscle = hacky sack
Size of 1 lb fat = soft ball
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I feel your pain -- I went through the same thing.  I was trying soo hard and eating so well and  I didnt lose a thing.  It can really bring you down when you dont see results quick enough.  I actually stopped working out as much because I heard that I could have been overworking myself and not eating enough for all the working out I was doing.  I heard that your body would hold on to all of the fat and go in to starve mode.  I really dont know how true that is, but who knows -- maybe.

Anyway -- I started working out less and a lot less strenous too.  I take group exercise classes (power pump and tko for weight lifting and dance, step, and bootcamp for cardio).  I also take hcg shots so I eat alot less but with hcg, it releases stored body fat for use so you are never hungry.  Anyway, I dont know if this is something you are interested in, but it have worked for me.  I lost 32lbs in 8 weeks :)

I also heard that a cleanse could also jumpstart your wieght loss.  I did one before and I did lose a little weight -- colonix is the one I did.

Anyway -- I commend you for sticking to it.  It is hard but fair :)
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The B12 Lipotropics have worked for me... I'm honestly in shock at how well I'm doing!
DOWN another 2.6 POUNDS this week!! Total loss so far with the B6, B12 Lipotropics after being on the shots and/or the LipoBC pills for 16 weeks is now 28.2 POUNDS!! That's an average of almost 2 pounds per week! With a reduced calorie intake of 1200cal, increased water intake and daily exercise of 30 minutes... I am definitely having success that will last, because I've made a healthy lifestyle change!! I'm a Loser... and I am LOVING it!
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I think you need to ignore this revins poster. They must work for dietsolutions or something. They posted on every board on feb 9. seems a little suspicious to me.

Anyway- I went through the same thing last year. I started my second season as a triathlete and while I worked out up to 6 days a week and sometimes up to 3 hours some days, I found I actually GAINED weight at the end of my season rather than loose. I saw my doctor and he gave me a great article about timing your eating/ caloric intake as well as timed water intake during your exercising. Low and behold it seems to be working. I started my seasons training 10 pounds heavier then when I ended. I have been meticulous in making sure I eat 2-3 hour prior to my workouts and immediately after. I drink 2-6 oz every 15 minutes during my workouts. I have knocked off those 10lbs in a month.
See a sports doctor...that's my advice!
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Actually, no...... I don't work for them.  I'm simply excited about losing the awful "wall of fat" that I've had built up around me since an undergoing an emergency hysterectomy in 1989.  I was 120 pounds at that time, but the loss of blood and trauma to my system threw my body into what doctors called a "false Lupus state" and also caused my Thyroid to go totally bezerk.  In an effort to try and keep the weight off, I tried every shake, mix, pill, plan, program or book that came down the pike.  But I was only left with a thinner pocketbook... my weight kept yo-yoing.  It wasn't until I turned to a doctor's weightloss clinic here locally last year (and no, it's not mydietsolutions) that I was pointed in the right direction FOR ME of the B12 (to help with the lack of energy and muddy thinking) and the Lipotropics (to help break down the fat and move it out).  My Cardiologist, My Endocrinologist, My Gastro, and My primary Care doctor are all in agreement with the addition of the shot.  
Knowing that it was something I was going to be on quite a while, I researched the internet to see if it was offered by the vial someplace that would prove trustworthy... and that's where MDS came in... simple as that.
All I am doing is sharing what works for me because I am EXCITED that I am going to be here to watch my two small children grow up!
And you are sharing that you "drink 2-6oz of water every 15 minutes during a workout".  You say you've knocked off 10 pounds in a month doing that.  Awesome!!!  I've knocked out 28 pounds/ 1.75 pounds per week doing the shot.  Awesome!!!  We can just agree to disagree.
Personally, I tend to agree with an old quote that says "A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an arguement"... holds true for both of us.
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Mruiz-   I'm going to college right now (lab day this afternoon) and your post that started out with "Cardio" grabbed me because  I realized last semester that I was out of shape.  So one of the upper classmen started training me at the Activity Center.  I do 30 Cardio everyday (either tread, recumb cycle, elliptical) just for my heart.  But any weight or resistance training I do on Mon, Wed, Fri to give my body a chance to recover on Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun.  That may have something to do with your weight not moving since it looks like you're doing it every day.  I know that since we started it, I've definitely toned up and the weight has moved.

Ariesoal- I drink water during my workout, I go through a 24oz bottle during my 1 hour session, which I guess (according to my math) is 6oz every fifteen minutes if you average it out. I also make sure it's cold, since he said that just our body having to warm that cold water up burns calories.  Cool!

Revins- wow... talk about getting back up when life kicks your butt.  Snap!  You've definitely popped back.  I was "talking" on a couple b12 threads last night and think I may have even talked to you and some girl named "Candy" (I remember her name because it made me think of Valentine's Day!).  Anyway, I mentioned to the thread that my roommate is taking them for added energy.  She does cardio with me from time to time and I have to admit, her recovery time is pretty righteous.  Good luck in life, Chica!  You inspire me.
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It's great that you're doing Cardio and staying fit while in college!  Being away from home is hard and it's easy to fall into the fast-food (college cafeteria food, blech!), trap.  Yes, there IS the walking to classes across campus, but it's awesome that you're taking that extra step (pardon the pun) of the cardio and weights!
And like the previous poster said, the water DOES help during workouts.  I drink a big squirt bottle during my workouts as well (never even THOUGHT of it helping me... was just always thirsty LOL).  It has to be bottled water around here because our water's horrible.  I use Evamore from the local United Grocery or Drug Emporium because of the alkalinity in it, it helps me prevent kidney stones (another thing my Thyroid is responsible for).
Thanks for the kudos, as well.  I'm glad I inspire you.  My heart, honestly, is to encourage people and when I've made a "complete 180" as far as from being most of the time bed-ridden (while trying to manage a household and homeschool twins) to where I am today... I tend to be a little zealous... but all praise be to God!  I wouldn't be on here today without Him guiding me to the right doctors, vitamins, calorie plans, and exercises!  
Oh, and BTW... we WERE on the same thread the other night, and her name was Kimmy (you just had those Valentine Candy Message Hearts on your mind LOL... and they're probably 50% off today!!).  She's been a member here quite a while I think.  Pop back over there to visit with us. Take care, and good luck with studies!!  
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