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what do i do after injury?

i was walking and running for the past 4 weeks. feeling great and lost 9 pounds. i injured my knee (hurt an old injury) and running is out of the question. i havent tried walking in a few days since i want to give it a bit of healing time. the problem is im worried i will gain the weight i just took off back!! im going to see how it feels later this week and get my bike fixed to take it easy on my knee. does anyone have any thoughts of what else i can do with my bum leg? or how many calories should be ingested a day without exercise?
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I noticed you replied to a comment I posted. You said your sisters Dr. had prescribed something to her after baby - What did he presribe and how did it work for her?
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he prescribed phentramine 37 or 37.5 mg. (i think that is how it is measured). well she also ate very well and exercised at the gym almost daily. she lost about 50 pounds. but i think she would have anyway with her daily calorie intake/exercise program. the problem with some people and phen is they can put the weight back on and more if they dont change how and what they eat and getting into an exercise program. some drs wont prescribe it. mine wouldnt unless i lost 5-10 pounds on my own first, so i did. but im not going to take meds to lose my weight, i really want to be able to do it on my own and keep it off. good luck!
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eat less calories than you burn in that way you can compensate on not gaining weight...

well about ur bum leg, if your leg can allow you, you can do some light exercise, even in the gym or at home... i guess, its not a major injury, so training or exercising it may be benefial for its healing process...

its nice to hear that you had loose 9 pounds.. that's a bit of an accomplishment...

hoping a speedy with that "bum leg"..

(",) hardcore-back
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I have a similar injury at the moment.  I usually run 4/5 times a week so I'm always injurying my knees.  I'm going skiing this sunday and I want to get then better but I also don't want to stop exercising.  So instead I'll be swimming, I usually do breast stroke which does involve bending your knees but its not as harsh as running or going on the exercise bike (which I can't do at the moment because that hurts too much as well).  I suggest you either swim or use the crosstrainer (but that depends on how bad your knees are.  

If I'm not going to the gym I will have a fruit smoothie for breakfast (which I make myself) half a banana, blueberries, raspberries and a splash of fresh orange.  For lunch I have some more fruit and for dinner I will steam some fish and vegetables with a bit of healthy living natural yogurt.  For snacks I have wholemeal pitta with low fat hommous.  

By alternating your cardio work outs you will prevent injury  so maybe one day you'd run, the next day you'd go on the excercise bike and the day after use the crosstrainer.  I hope this helps
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thanks everyone. i dont belong to a gym so most of that is out right now. im going to go see my dr its just not getting better, and now i seem to be limping a bit!!
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thanks live, it is feeling better. im hoping in a few days i can run :)
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