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CHALLENGE POST - A Success Story

It is heartwarming to share in the success of others.  Their strength and determination is a testament to what can be done by “ordinary” people, just like us.  Their journeys provide us with hope!  Our minds are transformed and we are filled with the knowledge that we, too, can achieve such success!

“Hope is the dream of a soul awake.”  ~ French Proverb

Time published an amazing success story about Olga Arias, 46, who at 5-ft. 5-in. tall and tipping the scales at 260, definitely knew what it felt like to be obese.  Read of her success at losing more than 100 pounds and keeping it off in an article written by Christine Gorman for Time entitled The Secrets of Their Success http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,994396-1,00.html  

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Another great success story about just healthy eating -  no pills, no surgery etc....

for those who don't know -  14lb = 1 stone - this lady lost  8 stone -  thats 112lb in 15 months just by healthy eating.

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By the end of 2009....I want my foot surgery to be successful so I can walk my dogs and exercise....I want to reach and maintain my goal weight of 135.
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At the end of 2009, I picture myself back at my goal weight.  I'm about 10lbs to get there, but you know how those last 10lbs can be!

At the end of 2010 - I picture myself having KEPT the weight off for the first time EVER, because as Tlcprn said just 2 posts above, "So glad I found you all."
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I expect to have hit my goal weight and have a BMI in the normal range.  I expect to have made exercise a habit and feel healthy and energetic.
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It is extraordinary to find success and celebrate even the small ones.  I want to feel better, knees, breathing, stamina and When I stepped on the scale this morning and saw I had lost my first 10 pounds this month I could have cried.  It is such a struggle for me.  I am making life changes, walking every morning, going to bed earlier to get more sleep, trying to let go of the things I can't control and changing the things I can.  It kinda feels like when I stopped drinking years ago. . . except I come here rather than an AA meeting for support with my weight.  So glad I found you all.
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I'm already happy just know I have taken control and im doing something! But at the end of 2009 I hope to see the body in the mirror i have always wanted to see and as Joy said I also hope to become pregnant! I want to be a mommy some day and i am losing my extra lb for health and fitness but also for that carrying around an unnecessary xtra 18 lbs on 5'3 frame was not a good way to start prepping for a baby!!
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I love success stories-  especially when they highlight people who have 'kept it off'

At the end of 2009 I want to be happy with me -  with the way I look and the way I feel -  inside and out....Self esteem is my motivator.
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At the end of 2009 I'd love to see myself pregnant or having a baby. That is, afterall, one of my priorities for losing weight. Every single time I feel like giving up or ending a workout early I actually yell at myself (sometimes in my head since I don't want to wake up the kids). "Do you want this? Do you want another baby?!" is basically what I scream at myself to keep myself going.

I do have other focuses for weight loss, the main one being my health of course. But picturing that baby is so much easier and gives me great focus.
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