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How do you draw strength to persevere ~ are you with me???

For some time now, I have been gaining and losing the same few pounds and, with the holidays at hand, it has been a few more up than down. Unwilling to return to my former lifestyle, physique and unhealthy ways, I have been contemplating the reasons behind this behavior.

Throughout my journey, I have found that I must delve further into the “reasons” and the “whys”, identify them and then devise a method to rise above them. This is not an easy task and many times the answers are not readily forthcoming. However, in looking outside myself and allowing the profound thoughts and actions of those I admire, thoughts begin to surface. If I then ponder those thoughts, ask myself questions and open my mind to their meaning, answers that lie beneath the layers of fat and denial begin to spring forth into a new awakening.  

PLEASE CONTINUE THE ARTICLE HERE .. http://www.ranaesheart.com/2008/12/great-dreamers-learn-success-from.html  (just copy and paste in your browser and then use the back arrow to return here and post).  

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Ranae, I'm having the same issue as you.  The same 5 lbs have been coming and going for the last few months and is due to emotional eating.  Now that the holidays are over we have purged our home of the bad stuff and my husband and I are back on track to make the healthy life changes we need.  I have picked out a gorgeous red (my fav colour) bathing suit that I will be wearing come July and my 47th birthday.  I think that picture needs to go on my fridge as an inspiration!
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Barb...Love the 'big girl panties'....have to dig mine out sometimes also.  Those and the sneakers can get just about any job done!  

Much love to you Ms. Ranae during this holiday season.  Enjoy the time with your daughter and your beloved grandbabies...time passes so fast!  

I will be around...no worries.  

Happy Holidays to all!  Even to my dreaded tape measure, who shall not come back out of the drawer until the 27th!  ; )  
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Count me in too!!  I haven't been doing real well at losing anything lately, but am pretty much holding steady, so I guess that's something to be thankful for, even if it is extremely discouraging.  I have to wonder why I struggle so much to eat right and exercise when it does no good.  Sometimes I want to just sit down and cry; instead I put on my "big girl panties", move on and keep trying.  

I will be kind of off line most of the day tomorrow because we are having our Christmas dinner tomorrow night and I'm doing the cooking; our daughter and her crew and an elderly aunt are the only family we have here, so it will be a quiet Christmas, but peaceful.  Will be checking in Christmas morning to see what Santa brought everyone.  

Ranae - enjoy your daughter and the grandkids.  Wishing everyone a great holiday.
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Count me in!! I am still fighting with the tape measure but i am determined this summer i will look amazing and be able to wear a nice sundress and swim suit i love!! So i shall continue on!! Merry Christmas and have fun!!
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I am here and not going anywhere.  Enjoy spending time with your family Ranae.
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Count me in for sure and Happy Holidays Ranae . .enjoy the time with your daughter and the grandkids ... keep the laptop safe from sticky fingers .. these kids learn young that a laptop can be fun!

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We are all here to celebrate the successes, uphold each other when we stand still or go backwards .. and to truly be a community of commitment!  

Sincerely appreciate you being here!!!  Each of you are a gift to the community, to each other and to me.  Sending you the very best wishes for a blessed holiday and new year.  

I won't be on much from now until the 26th, my daughter is returning home with 4 grandbabies and she's not been home since dad's death in February .. it is indeed a time for celebration and support.

Hope to see you here and talk to you soon.  We'll schedule our next Live Chat for next Tuesday night.

Many heartfelt holiday (((Hugs)))
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