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Sunday Weigh-In June 2, 2019

Good morning... Well, as you can see, I made it back from my trip up north. Please accept my apologies for missing last week's weigh in.  As I noted in my last post, 2 weeks ago, it wasn't a scheduled trip, since my mother-in-law had passed away.  Those trips are never easy, but necessary just the same.  

Of course, the first few days were spent on funeral arrangements, getting through the funeral, etc.  My mother-in-law was 95 yrs old and had lived in the same community for most of her life, so everyone knew her and many came to pay tribute.  We've been gone from the area for 26 years so I guess if there's ever anything good about at times like that, it's getting to see family and friends one hasn't seen in many years.

Once the funeral was over, we began the task of cleaning out the home my mother-in-law had spent the majority of her life in (something like 75 yrs).  The past few years had been spent in a nursing home, but nothing had been done in the house she'd lived in... She hated to throw anything away ("we might need that tomorrow, you know"), so there was no shortage of "stuff" to be gotten rid of.  We spent about 4 days going through things (3 story house) and deciding what to donate or discard and what could be kept to be sold.  Aside from things to be sold, we got it down to a few piles of old family things that my  sister-in-law wanted to go through. She thought some should be kept in the family, though I don't know who would want them; other things she wanted to donate to the local museum, etc. We left her to it and came home.

We were there for 10 days and I can't believe how horrible the weather was nearly the whole time we were there - cold and rainy.  Only a couple of days was it decent - by that I mean above 50° and sunny. lol   Of course, we'd left 90° and sunny so we even though we'd checked the forecasts before we left, we weren't prepared.  We also didn't realize that we were going to need so many grubby clothes for the cleaning expedition we embarked on - mainly because we didn't know we were actually going to be doing it.  We'd each taken only one pair of jeans and one long sleeved shirt - fortunately, the hotel at which we stayed had laundry facilities and they placed us right across the hall from it so we could wash our grubby clothes every evening and wear them again the next day.  As you can imagine, all the other clothes we took stayed in the suitcases and took up space!!  Had we only known, we could have traveled with only carry on bags and our funeral outfits, plus the grubbies... Oh well.  :-)

So - weight-wise, I gained 2 lbs.  Both, my husband and his brother exist on pizza and hamburgers, with chips or French fries.  I went along with that for a couple of days, but eventually had to get other food because my stomach began to rebel.  My husband and I went to the store and bought a large beef roast, with veggies and I cooked that up, with salad.  Everyone there appreciated that - it seems that I wasn't the only one running into trouble with the pizza and burgers!!  Fortunately, I bought plenty of salad fixin's so those of us that wanted to were able to eat salads for a couple of days.  Also on our last night there, my husband, his brother and myself went out for a nice dinner, and I was able to get a good salad.  Of course, by then, the damage was done - I'd picked up that 2 lbs, but hopefully, I'll be able to lose it.  

There was no shortage of exercise - up and down stairs, lots of walking, kneeling in front of cupboards, etc but it wasn't "exercise" type walking, kneeling, etc so I'm trying to get back into that, as well.  It's been horribly hot here so getting out to actually go for a walk is almost too much, unless it's done before daylight because when it's dark is the only time it's cool enough. Anyway, no excuses - it's got to be done.

I've had quite a bit of swelling in my feet since we got back into the heat so that's not helping.  My cardiologist took me off my fluid medication as they thought it was causing me to have the cramps in my feet/legs... I'm sure it wasn't that because I've been off the med now for nearly 3 weeks and I'm still having the cramps.  

So that's my story - I've got 2 lbs to try to get rid of over the next week, just to get back where I was.  Then I can resume my efforts trying to lose more from there.

I hope you were able to meet your goals.  Tell us about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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If you were off the medication for fluid retention, the two pounds could mostly be just fluids. I gotta say, even though it's not as noticeable as going for a walk, moving all the time and going up and down stairs and digging things out of cupboards is exercise. You probably got more than you thought.

I'm just about even; in fact, May 12 I was exactly the same weight as I was this morning. In the intervening two weeks I lost .4 and gained .2, and now gained .2 again to get back to what I was on May 12. (But, I did forget to weigh this morning until after I ate four crackly crackers with big spreads of goat brie on them, meaning that last .2 could have been the food I had just eaten! lol) It's obvious I've been pretty much the same weight for the last 4 weeks, despite the tiny changes I wouldn't have even known about if I didn't have a digital scale. This is still 5 pounds less than when we began the weight-loss challenges last spring (and I'll take it!)  but it would be nice to get rid of five more pounds.

I'm getting serious about all the new research on the gut biome and about fasting 14-16 hours from dinner to food the next day. I only got serious about eating in the morning when I had a son, because I thought he should eat breakfast. If I'm going to insist on breakfast, it might be worth it for me to be certain we don't have a later dinner. The theory is that if the gut can't rest, you can't reset your dietary clock in desirable ways, and that this leads to weight gain, inflammation, diabetes, all kinds of consequences. Our family eats healthily but could be the poster children for the theory as far as weight is concerned.  My husband could lose 15 lbs. and still not look gaunt, and I could lose 5 or even 10 without looking like a crone, and my son could lose 5-10. He sort of gets a bye because at 12, he's adding height so fast that he's more or less growing into his skin, but even so if he stayed the very same weight for another year while growing, it would look OK (in other words, not too skinny). I'm really not sure at this point if I did him any good insisting on all those breakfasts! :)

We are nearly through the process of buying the new house we finally found. The VOCs question kind of went out the window when the guy told me testing for them would be more expensive than just buying an air-purifying attachment for the furnace, and I'm not super worried anyway because the house has been up and used for 6 months (it was the model home for the development for a while) and the lion's share of off-gassing from flooring would have come and gone in that time if there was any. We're having them do a few things, including changing the fixed window in the laundry room to one that operates (I mean, if you're gonna have a window in a laundry room, shouldn't it open to let all the steam out?) and painting the garage interior walls. (Around here, they only slap up the sheetrock and tape it with some mudding over the tape, and that's it. Ugh.) I think we'll close sometime next week. Then we have to hustle to get our present house ready for sale. I swear I'm going to put a lot of stuff out on the sidewalk with a "free" sign on it, that's how little I like moving sales and how much I want them gone. Then some yardwork and fence repair, and fixing one ceiling ding and some other smalls. I also think we'll paint a bathroom and the entry hall, and then call it ready for sale. It should sell quickly,  it's a cute house.

Off to Sunday brunch. They have fresh blueberries!  :)
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I called the cardiologist's office this morning and asked to go back on my fluid pills because I gained another pound and my feet/toes were beginning to look like stuffed sausages.  Not only was the swelling looking bad, it was beginning to be quite painful and since I've been trying to do some work in my shop I didn't have time to mess around with it.  I went ahead and took one this morning and the swelling is down about 1/2.  I haven't been on the scale, but I'm probably down some in weight.  I'll weigh in the morning and see what the difference is.

You're right about all the work I did being exercise; the problem is that a lot of it was with my hands/arms, not full body exercise, though I probably did get a lot more than I think I did.  I was just disappointed that I ended up gaining weight over the deal rather than losing it.  But then I have to keep in mind what I was eating, too.  

I totally agree with you about the gut microbiome.  I have a book called "The Missing Microbes" by Dr. James Blaser that goes into pretty deep detail about the gut microbiome and how we're losing a lot of what we need through the use of antibiotics, what we eat/don't eat, how we try to keep everything so clean, even how the increasing use of caesarean section prevents babies from picking up certain needed bacteria in the birth canal that helps build the immune system.  It's really quite interesting.

I've never been a breakfast eater, at least not at breakfast time... lol   I do eat breakfast type foods almost any time of the day (or evening); I just don't eat in the morning when I first get up.  My biggest meal of the day is lunch around 11:00 and consists of whatever food I feel like eating.  I, typically, don't eat anything after about 7:00 pm because I've been told not to eat within 3 hrs of going to bed because of acid reflux/GERD, so I typically don't eat anything for approximately 16 hrs.  I've known some people to lose quite a bit of weight on fasting but it doesn't seem to work that well for me.  

My weight loss seems to hinge more on what I eat and the amount of exercise I get (even though we read that exercise doesn't help that much with weight loss).  For me, a higher fat, Mediterranean type diet works better than low fat.

I'm glad you've found a house and are getting things done so you can get moved before school starts.  I'm sure your son will be much  happier in the better school district.  I agree with you about  having an operating windows in the laundry room, but doesn't the dryer vent to the outside to take out the steam?  I don't think anyone likes moving sales, but if you're going to set your things out on the sidewalk you might as well make a bit of cash from it...   But then I don't have a lot of room to talk - we took truckloads of my MIL's stuff to be donated so we didn't have to mess around with having a sale and I do the same with a lot of my own things.  LOL  I am getting ready to have another yard sale though sometime in July.

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