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Sunday Weigh in December 18, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?   It looks like winter has finally arrived, with a vengeance; I'm going to have to close all the windows in the porch and try to keep it as warm as possible to protect my plants tonight.  Also have other plants in the yard that will have to be covered.   I just hope we don't get rain to go with the cold.

It's been a busy week, but I don't seem to have gotten a lot done.  I worked on Christmas cards for a card exchange for my calligraphy guild - that took much longer than it should have because my hands give me so much trouble and I can't control the pen easily.   I did, finally, get those in the mail, anyway, as well as the usual checks we send our son and DIL.  We aren't having a big Christmas this year, so I've done very little shopping!!   We're thinking of going out for Christmas dinner, so I'm also planning very little cooking.  

So my neighbor/walking partner has gone back to OR and I've stopped walking every (most) mornings.  I do have the ganglion cyst on my foot and I've read that intense walking can make them grow larger, which can make them more painful.  

I do have an appointment with a podiatrist for Wed (21st) afternoon, so, hopefully, I'll find out whether I'm going to need foot surgery.  I know there's a way they can aspirate these cysts, but mine has multiple "chambers" so I'm not sure they can aspirate one like that vs one with a single chamber.   I may have to try physical therapy prior to having anything else done with it, so we'll wait to see.  Friday, the 23rd, is my appointment with the hand specialist, so that might be interesting, as well.  There's a possibility I might have to do PT for my hands (carpal tunnel), also.  IDK if they would allow me to work on them both (hands/feet) at the same time or if I have to choose one to deal with at a time.  

Anyway, I haven't weighed yet this morning, but Friday, I was up 3 lbs from my last weighin.  I'd much rather see the scale doing down, but I'm not that worried about it because my weight bounces around all the time anyway.  Between the swelling in my hands and feet, that's probably enough to increase my weight by 3 pounds.  

So, I'll be glad when I get some answers vs having to research and speculate.  

How has your week gone?  I hope you're ready for Christmas (if you celebrate).  Since ours is going to be very quiet this year, there's not much prep involved.  I hope your week has gone well and look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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We had guests yesterday, and this morning I got the call from my sis that she was bringing our mom over in a half hour for me to cut her hair, so I entirely lost my usual Sunday morning schedule and forgot to get a weight before I'd had a bunch of food. (Bringing Mom for a haircut entails lots of tea and snacks, plus sis phoning a cousin who lives in the same town as me, to invite her over to have tea with us.) So, I'll weigh tomorrow. I don't think I'll be down, because we ate hearty with the guests last night.

Christmastime is definitely upon us. I've been baking cookies. Our tree is up, and some outdoor lights (though we still have to do the outdoor lights at the farm). If I also get our personal cards mailed out by tomorrow, I'll think we're in pretty good shape, since we have only a small amount of shopping to do, and will be guests at one party but not hosting any (if you don't count ad-hoc things like today). After the cards, the load should be pretty light. My son wants a gift available only by mail order, one less shopping trip for me.

Our little dog goes tomorrow for a haircut, for a better look (i.e., not her usual ignored mop) to greet the season. I'll consult with the groomer about a happy medium for length -- she looks cuter with her hair short, but hitting her with such a cut when it's going to snow is not very fair.

It almost seems like we're getting set for a lot of drop-in visitors. I hope that turns out to be true because it keeps me motivated on the vacuuming and tidying up. lol

Have a great week!
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Today's weigh-in showed that I haven't gained, which is a bit of a surprise given the cookie baking. I'm down about three tenths of a pound, not a lot but part of the chipping-away-at-it approach. lol
Well, Annie - seemingly, the only way to gain weight with cookie baking is if you're eating the cookies as you bake them....  Me, on the other hand stopped baking Christmas cookies because I just have to think about Christmas cookies to gain weight.  LOL  

I'm assuming that you haven't eaten a lot of the cookies you baked, so enjoy the "chipping away" process.    I hope you get a lot of drop-in visitors since pushing the vacuum, wielding the dust cloth and other household duties definitely qualify as exercise and can take off some weight.  :-)

Have a good week~
Oh, I did sample quite a few. lol  That's why it was such welcome news to have dropped a fraction of a pound instead of gaining two or three. :-)

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