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Sunday Weigh in February 5, 2023

Good afternoon.  Sorry I'm so late posting.  We've had company most of the day, so had to get up and start preparing for lunch, first thing this morning.   My daughter, grandson and granddaughter came and we were finally able to exchange Christmas gifts.  In addition, My husband, daughter and grandson all had birthdays during the last week of January, so we also celebrated their birthdays.  Better late than never.  

It turned out to be something of a busy week.  I saw the foot doctor on Wednesday and got out of the boot.  Unfortunately, I had to exchange it for an ankle brace, which I'll have to wear for 3 months, though I don't have to sleep in it, like I did the boot.  

On Friday, I had a dental appointment.  Have to have work done, so have to go back tomorrow to have an impression made.  I'm hoping they'll be able to make repairs tomorrow, also, but we'll see.  

I'm still not able to walk long distances, so can't start walking for exercise yet, so not doing so well in the weight department.  I'd found a supplement that was supposed to raise T3 (thyroid hormone) levels and when I ran out of it, I didn't buy anymore because I wasn't sure it was doing anything.  I've been out of it for about 2-3 weeks and just ordered some more because after only a few days of not taking it, I gained back 3 of the pounds I'd lost.  This week, I'm up another pound.  It did take a couple of months to see any difference so I hope those pounds will come back off.

Anyway, I'm up another pound this week, in spite of not changing anything, except eating less.   I do have exercises to do for my foot, but they don't use up a lot of energy (fat) since they're done sitting down.  I'm thinking to start some other exercises this week in an effort to try to get my entire body built back up.   I'm learning that the old adage is true - "use it or lose it".  

Anyway, that's what's going on in my world.  I hope you've had a great, productive week and were able to meet whatever goals you might have had.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful successful week~~
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Hi, don't worry about being late posting, on the East Coast you have up to a three-hour edge.

Glad to hear the boot is off! And sorry about the brace. It must be a blessing that you can at least take it off at night.

I weighed this morning, not expecting much because my hands were puffy, and it was confirmed ... I'm up 1 pound from last week. It matches my weight on the 15th of January and pretty much the 8th and 1st too, but there was one promising dip of 1.4 lbs. last week. I might weigh tomorrow in hopes some of it is temporary -- my hands are almost never puffy, and there was a lot of soy sauce in the dinner last night.

My mom and her husband will move next week from the assisted-living place where they are now to a better one, with Mom and stepdad getting (respectively) a one-bedroom unit and a studio. This separation is because stepdad is going nuts trying to take care of Mom, but to be around when someone else is caring for her makes him feel like his personal living space is invaded. We thought he wouldn't like separate units when we suggested it, but he loved the idea. I think feeling like he had to be vigilant was just too much for his stress level, already high because of his own aging. This separation is great for my sisters and me, since as things stand now we can't drop in to visit her, like we've done our entire lives. Stepdad scolds and says we have to call first and arrange it. (He especially hates being caught taking a nap in the middle of the day, like it's a moral failing.) Mom will probably have a lot more company now, and unfortunately (because he has burnt his bridges with his anger), stepdad will probably see us all a lot less.

This next week, I'm on call to assist the move. The movers will pack everything, but there always seems to be something that has to have a family member on hand. It's a lucky thing Mom had so many daughters, is all I can say.

Have a great week!
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