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Sunday Weigh in March 10, 2024

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  Here we are at Daylight Saving Time again and of course, my body is telling me that "something isn't right".  Daylight saving time always messes up circadian rhythm for, at least, the first couple of weeks and sometimes it last longer than that.  There have been times I'm just getting used to it when it's time to switch back to regular time!!

Anyway, there hasn't been a lot going on here... we've been mired in kitchen remodel and have been keeping our noses to the grindstone!!  I've gotten the cabinets painted, the new flooring is installed, the new refrigerator was delivered yesterday.   We've been working on getting the new island built... that's a set of 6 cabinets with a huge countertop, right in the middle of everything!!  That's pretty much done, except that we ran out of door/drawer pulls and had to order some more, so we moved on to other things.  We removed the sink and it's countertop yesterday and I started working on wall covering.  I got enough done so we reinstall the sink/countertop.  We haven't had a sink in the kitchen for a few days.  First we had a waterline break and husband had to fix that; now with the sink/countertop removed, of course, no water.  Although it can be done, washing dishes in the bathroom sink is no joy!!

I finally got the medication for my shortness of breath... it's a once/day inhaler.  It does help, some, but also dries out my mouth and sinuses horribly bad.  I guess that's just something I'll have to deal with.

Friday, I had to go for a CT scan and x-rays on my kidneys, adrenal glands and bladder.  We've known for some time now that I have cysts on my kidneys, as well as kidney stones, along with adenomas on my adrenal glands, so they try to keep track of those.  I'll see my uro later this week for those results.  Later this week, I'll also go get injections in my hands to help with the arthritis pain.   All this construction work has been super hard on them.  

Our meals have been pretty erratic, at best, though I have been trying to keep up with my walking.  I haven't weighed this morning, but when I stepped on the scale on Friday, I was down 4.6 pounds from last week.  I don't think that was 4.6 pounds of fat lost... I know I'd been retaining fluid last week, so I think I did lose some fat, but also dropped quite a bit of the fluid.   I probably won't weigh today because I've already had coffee, so I'll try for tomorrow and see how it ends up.  

Anyway, that's where I am.  I hope you've all had a good week and I look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm glad you got your medication, Barb. Is the medicine itself or the fact that it's in inhaler form responsible for the dry mouth? Any chance they can give you something similar that isn't in inhaler form? It seems worth checking.

My weight was the same this morning as last week. We had a big, salty meal last night, so I'll check tomorrow morning. Would like to see it tick down even a half pound.

My weekend hasn't been too exciting. I cleaned out a bunch of the kind of clothes that go in drawers today, and rearranged my dresser for better logic (socks needed their own drawer, for example). When the wash is done, if all the fluffy clean things overcrowd the newly sorted dresser, I might have to send more to the Goodwill. (I don't see the value in having more than a drawer full of socks!) I carried a willow basket the size of a steamer trunk into our room and am using it to capture all items Goodwill. Here's hoping to fill it at least twice before the Big Sort is over. Right now I'm waiting for the bedsheets to get done in the washing machine, and then in will go the duvet cover. I've been too busy to pay a lot of attention to organizing my clothes and washing the bedding; here's hoping I like the result.

The Oscars looked fun; I caught a few snippets in between running back and forth with laundry.  Have a great week!

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... And, same weight today. So, no gain but no loss. :-P
The jury is still out on my medication.  I'm not sure whether the fact that it's an inhaler is causing the dry mouth or not... I don't think this particular medication is available in any other form.  I was on it years ago (like 17 yrs) when they said I had COPD and it seemed to help for a couple of months then it did nothing.  As it happens, that was about the time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and surprise, surprise, that, too causes shortness of breath.   They increased my thyroid medication, I felt better and because the breathing inhaler wasn't doing anything, I quit using it and haven't until now.   I don't remember that it made my mouth so dry but maybe we change as we age or I don't drink enough?? I don't know.  If it keeps up or gets worse, I'll check with my doctor.  I do seem to be breathing easier, which allows me to keep going most of the day without having to stop and nap a couple of times... we'll see if that continues.

It's always good to know that you can tolerate the salty meal without affecting your weight a lot - that means you're not retaining a lot of fluid.  That's a good thing!!  

Sounds like you're in the "purge" mode as well.  I agree - there's probably not a use for more than a drawer full of socks unless it's a really small drawer.   I figure if I have a pair for every day and a couple extras, I'm doing well, because I usually wash clothes every few days anyway, so hardly ever run out.

Hmm - I have a willow basket but it's not the size of steamer trunk...lol   I keep a box in my closet and every time I come across something that no longer fits, I decide I don't like, it's no longer comfortable, etc - it goes into the box.  When the box is full it goes off to my local Hospice Thrift Store.  I try to do the same with closets, kitchen cabinets, etc.  I've been pretty lax with the cabinets, so now that we had to empty them all to paint/replace, I'm going to get pretty ruthless.  I no longer cook meals for 20+, so I don't need equipment to prepare them or dishes to serve them.   Lots of things will be going by the wayside in the near future.

I didn't want to hear about washing bedsheets - it's been a week since ours were done so time to do them again... I guess tomorrow will be the day since the sawdust from our construction seems to have permeated everything, including the bed.  

Enjoy your week.  ~B
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