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What's for Breakfast .. and Your Plans for the Day??

What are you having for a hearty breakfast on this crisp fall morning?  Are you being kind to you today?  

I'm experimenting this morning and have a new pumpkin wheat pancake mix.  The calories on the container only give me the calories for the dry mix ... 1/3 cup is 120 calories.  So, in making the recipe, I made it according to the package instructions although I exchanged 1 TSP butter for 1 TSP olive oil.  Then I added up the calories of all the ingredients.  It made six pancakes and I wanted to eat 3, so I divided the total number in half.  

For 339 calories, I had 3 pumpkin wheat pancakes and 1/2 c of sugar free syrup ... yummm!!!  In the first 3 pancakes, I added cinnamon and in the second 3 pancakes I added ginger.  Uniquely different and I like both.  (Had 2 ginger pancakes and 1 cinnamon pancake.)  I let the other 3 cool and will place them between wax paper and put them in a freezer bag to store until one morning next week.  Am actually thinking about making some more and freezing them while I'm in the mood to cook.  Think the next ones I'm going to try with pumpkin pie spice .. perhaps 1/2 tsp for the whole batch.

Letting breakfast sit for 20 minutes and then am off for a walk around the lake; 1 1/4 miles.  Looking forward to the brisk fall morning and watching the ducks and geese and hearing the sounds of nature.  It always invigorates me.  Also have some laundry going .. and a full day planned.  Seems when I get up, eat healthy and start my heart pumping with a little exercise, it sets the tone for a successful day.

Hope you'll share the events of your day .. it's how we get to know each other, build our team spirit and support each other.

360 1 c Pumpkin Wheat Pancake Mix   
68 3/4 c Skin Milk   
60 1 Small Egg   
119 1 TBSP Olive Oil   
607 Calories Total (6 pancakes)   
304 Calories (3 pancakes)   
35 1/4 Sugar Free Maple Syrup   
339 Total Calories Breakfast

Best wishes .. to your health ..
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Yummmm .. all sounds healthy!  

Today was oatmeal with dried cranberries and a little cinnamon .. and mango tea with cardamom.  

bet - try a whole grain toast (crunch) with cinnamon and some splenda OR cinnamon and a natural pumpkin spread.  The cinnamon apple spice tea sounds mmm mmm good

CC - great job on half the bacon .. and scrambled eggs are way good!  OJ is good in small amounts, but if you find yourself getting hungry or needing to watch calories .. the fresh orange is better for you as it has more fiber, is more filling and is a better exchange calorie per calorie than juice.  (Juice is ok, mind you .. in limited amounts .. :] )

Trudie - Way to change it up and implement Plan B .. ;)  The boiled dinner you prepared sounds delicious .. (packing bags and going to Trudie's .. loll)

wonko - Thanks for sharing that tidbit about the value of breakfast.  It took me a while to learn that too but it starts our metabolism and gets us going!  Haven't tried soy milk .. is there much difference in taste?

Skailark - I know and love those protein bars .. loll

twehner and Red - I love hard boiled eggs now and then .. but have to reserve them for the weekends .. they don't like me ... LOLLL

Healthy Eating .. let's keep sharing!
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Had special K, skim milk and 6 blackberries. I'm not too big on pancakes, but right now I am craving a cinnamon crunch bagel from panera bread. Though I do love pumpkin, I just might give your pancakes a try. But right now, I have such a chill so I think I'll have some cinnamon apple spice tea.
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had scrambled eggs.. only ate 1/2 portion of bacon than usual and some OJ

Today my oldest is sick .................so going to be doing lots of Purell all day long .. I WILL NOT catch what she has.

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couple hard boiled eggs and coffee
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Raspberries bit the dust - went for oatmeall with wheatgerm added instead.  And I keep forgetting to put my ticker on!
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I think I'll have a LF yogurt and a boiled egg.  The protein helps me not to crave so many carbs between meals. Fortunately, my cholesterol is good for a girl my age!
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Having a herbalife milk shake and some protein bars. I luv the yummy proteins! lol...
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Fruit, unsweetened whole grain cereal, fresh ground coffee, soy milk.

Eating breakfast is something I didn't used to do, before I just did (lots of) coffee.  It took a long time to convince myself that it really does help with appetite control.

It's rainy here, and I just had to get brake work done on my car.  So to save money and stay indoors, looks like housework is in the cards!  I do some everyday cleaning, but save the big jobs for days like this.

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I'm probably just going to start off with some cereal (likely corn flakes) with some raspberries I need to finish off.  I cooked a corn beef brisket (boiled with cabbage, carrots and potatoes) for dinner last night so will make a bean soup out of the stock.  Lots of housework required today and hubby wants me to help him insulate his shop out in the garage (if I'm lucky I can get out of that one!).  Need to get thawing out my chicken.  I'll probably roast it up nicely for tomorrow's supper.  Have a great weekend!
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