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When should I eat during the day?

I'm trying to lose a little bit of weight and I want to follow a proper diet. I hear that it's best not to eat after 7:00 pm if you're trying to lose weight. But I'm not sure if that's true. I'm looking for tips on foods I should'nt eat and and foods that I should eat. Does anyone have any helpful tips?  (:
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You have to meet more than daily  protein needs; you need all the other nutrients as well.

I don't recommend that anyone undertake a diet that they can't maintain for the rest of their life, because even though you have good luck on a certain type of diet, if you go off that diet, you will likely regain whatever you lost and maybe even more.  

It's best to make simple lifestyle changes that you can stick with.  
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I have recently started following the South Beach Diet and it is great for meeting your daily protein needs!

For me personally, it has been very effective and I have lost 5 pounds just in the first 5 days!!! Huge motivating factor for me!

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It would all depend on your schedule.  I find it works best to eat a good breakfast, my largest meal of the day at lunch, then eat lightly during the evening.

It's really a personal preference though - calories in are calories in, whatever time of the day you eat them. In my case, eating less in the evening is better for my stomach issues.
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Eating a high protein meal in the AM is good to keep the energy up for the day. Its like eating backwards in most cases..

Eat the heaviest in the AM and lighter as the day goes on... Switching breakfast with dinner is good for many too.

Keep in mind staying away from high carb - sugars and prcessed forrds is good.

I like to not eat after 4pm too.
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