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Will walking help me loose my last 81 pounds

will walking   3 miles  every day  help me loose   my last  81   pounds?    I am a diabetic  type 2    and have a back and neck  injury.  But   enjoy  walking  where  other  exersizing   tends  to stress  out my back.  Gave   myself  until oct  31st   to reach my goal   and am doing fat smashers.  But   am courious   will just me walking  the 3 miles   daily   help me shead   this 81 pounds?  thanks
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OH!!!!  So glad you asked!  YES IT WILL!!!

I started a weight loss journey 3 years ago, and I did it with walking ONLY at first!  After I had lost around 56 pounds, I DID add other forms of exercise PLUS strength training.  BUT, I *SO* regret that I am NOT walking more because my hips were slimmer when I was walking more.  

I went on to lose 70 lbs.  KEEP WALKING!  It is the best form of exercise for someone with a neck and back injury....  You might also look into water exercise.  It is not only gentle on your joints, it is GREAT!  

SO glad to see you here and SO GLAD you asked.  Hang in there!
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Well I haven't experienced or done any walking as a form of exercise commitment to lose weight because I found out that Pilates is the exercise that best suits me. Because people have different body types and capabilities, some struggle to find that special exercise that will make them drop the pounds. Ordinary activities like walking is unavoidable for most people. Exposure to this kund But, I think it will help you. Sometimes, it's the simplest of things that surprises us.

Once you start your walking routine, try to observe the changes in your body. After some time, notice how you begin to not feel tired after doing one walking routine. That means that your body has adjusted to that activity. What you can do is increase the level of difficulty in your walking routine. If you're not a big fan of running and speed isn't the way to go, try buying these small weights. Perhaps a pound for each hand is a good way to start. Another thing is that you can buy those weighted vests that ables you to remove or change the weight inside that vest. You just walk around and even when you're just doing your daily household chores while wearing that vest, your body will exert more effort because if its resistance to gravity.  

If you don't like to invest on any equipment. You can carry plastic water bottles while walking and even just filling those bottles with tiny rocks can help. Simple jackets with pockets filled with heavy objects can also be an alternative. I'm not sure but I think I've read an article about walking with weights can actually triple the amount of work you do.

I don't recommend the jacket part for you because of your back problem. I have mild scoliosis but I find it hard and more strenuous to carry heavy objects. But if they are not that serious, meaning you just feel strain in your neck and back when doing crunches and other exercises, it only means that you have positioned yourself wrongly. If so, I think that weigh vests are not bad.

Have you tried Pilates? Cause I was actually trying different exercises and Pilates is the only one that has worked for me so far. There are modified Pilates movements for people who have back and neck problems. Pilates actually improves your posture, flexibilty, core strength and breathing.

Hope that I helped. Update me in your development. Good luck!
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Your ideas are good, and I *love* pilates, but don't forget that ladyvamprya has a neck and back injury.  She does NOT need to cary weights OR wear a weighted vest yet until her injury issue is resolved....  

That is why I suggested aqua exercise and sticking with walking.  Even yoga would be good, if she starts slowly....  I do not know the extent of her flexibility OR her injuries.

Ladyvamprya, HANG IN THERE!  There is time for all kinds of exercise!  We'll be here to "coach" you all along your journey!
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I know how you feel. I hurt my back a year ago ripping the upper and lower back muscles and due to my lack of support with my case, couldnt get all the physio I was entitled to. I cant do all the dishes without taking a break, I cant do a lot of standing or moving, or sitting in any position. I started walking, once I felt good enough, it turned to walking. Ive lots 20 lbs since april.

Any exercise will help as long as you stick with it. Dont be depressed if you arent getting results right away, its probably muscle building up before the weight can come off. Stick with it and you can do it!

All the best, cant wait to hear your progress.
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