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got to start somewhere

First day trying this out. Need to lose at least 60lbs. Tired of being a fluffy baker. Anyone have some success so far?
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i also started this app... before this app i lost 25lbs within two months... not too much of lost but i went on a 21day challenge of no bread drinks pasta candy cookies cheese chips no fried food also drink peppermint tea which control my appetite.. how this little advice helps anyone
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this is how i come so far. I started dieting since around August 2013. and i started research of how to lose weight and diet stuff. Here is some diet tips. First of all. Stop drinking softdrinks cuz it gives u acid in ur stomach that makes bigger. and always drink water. and dont skip meals. just drink 2 or 3 glasses of water before every meal. and always eat veggies and fruits and even fish too. and green tea also helps u to lose weight. and exersice daily. and dont stress too. cuz stress also gain weights too. and for exercise.. make 2 or 3 set of exersices. but since u’re a beginner. start exersice like sit up or push up or any exersice until rep 10 or 15. i done like rep 10 for any exersice but now i can do at 20 or 30 reps. and dont push urself to hard. and i hope this tips helps. and always remember eat healthy and be fit. :)
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Hello. I have Health issues going on due to my weight. I need to lose 100 pounds. Since the birth of my child in 1997, I have Not been able to keep my weight down to my Normal 160-170 pounds. I've been fighting a losing battle, I feel like.

First off? I know Exercise is a must. (With My R.A./Arthritis, that makes it even harder) I used to walk 2 x's a day then it felt so good, I got up to 3 x's a day and walking farther and farther.  I cut a lot of meat/beef .. out of my eating habits. Went to a salad with lunch, a salad with dinner. The adage of  "soup and salad" Before a meal? Sure worked !! Meaning a Cup of soup and a reasonable size salad. Then your "entree" and Veggies. I also brought out a large fruit bowl. Filled that full of different fruits. Put it Where I could see it at all times. :-)  Within 1 month, I noticed a big change.

Needless to say? I Fell off the wagon, (1 of my wheels broke .. LOL)  Stress. I lost all of my Family in a 3 year period. Stress? Makes me eat without realizing what I am actually eating. Now That I read your comment? Seeing a Iowa Heart, Seen an Endocrinologist for thyroid issues-- I got told Eat Healthier, lose weight, hyperthyroidism. Heart Dr. Said Morbid Obesity. Now that? Threw me for a loop. Opened my eyes. Much more so when I got told I got some Heart damage. More testing for the Month of May. A lot !! And Even The Sleep Center !!  I am going to try, after this heart situation, to get Back to What I described to you, how I started out to lose weight. It Did work for me but its Very hard to stick to it. Right now, I can't have any strenuous activity until all my tests are in.

I'll be watching here for others replies.  
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