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weight loosing concerns

i am a 29 years old male. i am over weighted. i had a sedentary kind of life style and i used to be a glutton. all those led to a high TG levels and hypertension. concerned about my health i started working out. i started moderate exercises (squats, pushups) for 30 mins a day during morning and walk for about 5 km (brisk walking with some bouts of jogging) during evening. also I've reduced my dietary intake to half of what i used to had. I've been doing it for a week now. my blood pressure has dropped to (without any medication) 130/90 which previously was 155/110.  i am trying to stick to 1000-1200 calories per day. am i going the right way? provided that i stick to a lower diet and exercises when can i expect to see some changes in my weight? is the change in my blood pressure normal or should i be concerned?  my target is to loose 20 pounds at a fastest (but safe) rate
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Losing weight quickly isn't great for keeping it off.  Changing your diet permanently to a better, healthier one will work better than severe calorie restriction, especially when you're increasing exercise.  
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I admire you and support you 100% in your decision to limit your calories intake. I know doctors who eat less than 1000 cals./day.(literarily, like an apple a day). In fact, if you watch skinny people, they eat very little during the day. That is how they were brought up or educated themselves to be.  That is a fact: most skinny people don't eat a lot, don't think of food all the time, don't waste time cooking, don't eat a variety of food, they stick to few dishes they really like.   If you choose your meals carefully,  don't use too much variety, keep it simple, less than 20 carbs/day, you will be successful and weight will come off. Intermittent fasting also could help. I lost 20lb in 2 months and kept it off. I could have done better but I like to binge on oranges every now and then.

I do fast 2-3 days in a row every 2 weeks or so. I heard people fasting 7-10 days, only on water. I'll be trying that someday. It's easier if you live all by yourself and don't have to prepare meals for your family. LOL Lots of intermittent fasters break the fast after 12 pm with eating 1-2 meals between 12 pm and 6 pm.

There are lots of dishes you can come up with made up only from veggies and a little piece of meat. eg.
-cooked spinach and poached egg (in water and vinegar)
-cold soup or smoothy- 2 celery sticks, 1 tomato, juice of lemon, salt and pepper (this can be used as a laxative)
-raw broccoli with a 1 TBS of ranch dressing
-raw celery sticks with some dressing you like
-kim-chi soup without  noodles

Few more things:
-learn food combining rules
- learn to enjoy the sound of your tummy rumbling.
- drink lots of water
-when hungry, make yourself a cup of clear broth with 1 soup cube.
-eat slowly, chew few times
-no alcohol, too much stress on the liver.
-no eating while watching TV
-no nuts
-no grains
-read inspirational stories
-feed your mind, find something to keep your mind preoccupied
-fall in love.

I hope this helps, although, from what I understand from your post, you already set yourself up on the right track. Good luck!
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That's way too low (calories) for a man. That many calories puts you in starvation mode. Your body will fight back by making you very hungry. I know the frustration and you want to lose it fast but slow and steady is always better. Your body will thank you.
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