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the itch that won't go away

Hello everyone,  I'm 21  and have been engaged for a year.  I've only had sex with my fiance since we got together 2 years ago.  Recently I've had intense itching right at the opening of my vagina and slightly inside of it.  It itches so bad that I dread going to work.  It itched  for about 4  days and then stopped.  It was gone for 2 days, then I had sex and put a thong on afterwards.  After wearing the thong all day the itch came back. I took it off  and slept without underwear. When I woke up the itch was still there.  I've been putting  vagasil  on  it but it's not helping.  It's an intense itch that  won't go away.  I've been drinking lots of water and showing daily. I was tested for std's  and I don't have anything.  Also,  there is no discharge  from my vagina.  please help!
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