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Am I passing my uterine lining or is this a miscarriage? (Depo Shot)

I just got my first depo-provera shot four weeks ago and I waited eight days to have unprotected sex. I read that it was normal for the shot to thicken the uterine lining and that you're bound to pass some of it, but I've never seen anything like this exit my body before.

I've had the usual light bleeding that comes with the shot up unto this point and I thought I started menstruating. The bleeding's weird. Twice today, I've passed strong, white-ish membranes that have dark patches of blood in them. I've been cramping all throughout my abdomen (which is not normal for me) and I've had sudden digestive issues today also, though maybe that's unrelated.

Is it possible I've gotten pregnant on this shot or is this an unfortunate side-effect? I plan to take a pregnancy test in the morning to see for sure.
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Do take the pregnancy test to rule out a miscarriage, and also look up "uterine cast." I've had one before, it's not consider a big deal by doctors but it's kind of dramatic when it happens. It's basically when the endometrium that would usually dribble out a little at a time during a period, comes out all at once. You can find photos of a uterine cast if you google the term.
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This a very late response, but thank you. I think this is exactly what I had.
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