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Am I pregnant?

I'm 24 years old. Been on birth control since 9th grade. Not too long ago insurance switched me to trinessa. The first month of those I bled after intercourse when I still had one active pill left. It's been probably 3 month since the switch now. I take it around same time every day not exact. But it's my blank pills week and I have not been having my normal period. There is not much of a flow, it's mainly when I wipe. My boyfriend and I had intercourse and he said there was a lot of blood but it's just not flowing like my period normally does. I usually start some light bleeding Thursday and I didnt til Friday and even then it was only really a small amount on a pad and when I wiped. We have been having unprotected sex this past month even on days of my blank pills before period starts. Am I pregnant? How soon can I take a test to see?
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It's always tricky to know but would doubt it since you faithfully take your pill.  Really, I do doubt it.  This is all likely hormonal and your body adjusting to the pill.  You can take a test around 2.5 weeks after your last unprotected sex to know for sure!  Let us know!
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Ok thanks so much! :)
You're welcome.  
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