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Am I pregnant?

I am 27 and I had my periods 22nd to 26th April and was ovulating from 2nd to 8th May and I had unprotected sex on the 15th, 16th and 23rd May. I was supposed to get my periods on 24th and I am 4 days late. I took a pregnancy test and it showed negative. I have a watery discharge from my vagina sometimes and I am feeling hot (maybe because of the climate) I have still not got my periods and I am stressed. I have throid but I am never late. Is it possible that the test could show false negative? Or is it the stress?
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Hey there. Well, we can be late for a variety of reasons that might seem like no reason at all. They include being stressed, upset, sick, changes in routine, weight gain or loss.  We don't really skip periods, we more have a longer cycle for that particular month.  When that happens, we have ovulated later than what we thought.  Then our period comes later.  Pregnancy tests are pretty accurate and are considered conclusive at 2.5 weeks after the sexual encounter.  

Are you trying to conceive?  
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Hello, thank you for the response. No I am not trying to conceive. Is there anything I need to worry about? Everytime I google I get to know I have a new disease. I am paranoid. I normally do not have unprotected sex.
No, really, EVERY woman is late from time to time and it is no big deal.  For real.  You do not describe anything out of the ordinary.  Test when it has been 2.5 weeks after the episode and believe your result.  Also, consider birth control like the pill if you aren't wanting to get pregnant but are sexually active.  This will help regulate your period and ease your anxiety while preventing pregnancy.  
Thank you. I really appreciate your help ❤️
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If your period is overdue and you have tested properly, the home pregnancy test should be reliable by now. Only testing too early or testing with too diluted urine would be a problem for a home test by the time the period is due.

Your period being AWOL could be caused by stress, or sometimes a woman just doesn't ovulate in a given month and skips a period.

If nothing happens by tomorrow or the next day, test again with first-morning urine.
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I did check after after the second or third urine. I will wait for 2 more days and test again. Thank you so much
Hello, I checked today with the first urine, the results still shows negative and no periods yet. What should I do?
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