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Boyfriend feels like sand

My boyfriends pen feels like sandy when he enters me. And we have have used lubes.
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I’m wondering if estrogen suppositories may help?  Peri- and menopause is vastly under-treated.  There are hormones that can help.  i have become completely disabled due to fatigue and brain fog, and I think it’s due to low hormones.  My docs told me for a decade that it was depression. I tried every anti-depressant on the planet.  Am now moving on to bio-identical hormones.  Fingers crossed.  But the estrogen suppository helped me greatly with vaginal pain and made me realize that maybe I need hormone therapy.  Good luck!
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Good luck to you with the therapy. The research is swinging back in favor of hormone replacement. You might love it. I hope it works well.

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When you use lubes, does it just feel like sand staying where it was on his skin under the lube, or does the lube cause the sand to feel loose and move around? Trying to get at whether he has something on his skin. If you massage him when rubbing on the lube, does the skin feel sandy to your hand?
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no just almost not wet enough am thinking it's me.  did drink a lot last time
Well, sure, friction from skin, when rubbing on each other without enough moisture, can probably feel like what you are describing. I'd be surprised if it's perimenopause this early but there are other reasons women aren't lubricated at the beginning of sex. Definitely try different lubes, and get a checkup, but also consider if you're having sex when you're not ready or not that excited. Those are causes of not enough natural lubrication too.
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Hi, you mean it's painful because his skin is rough? Have that problem before or 'other' things? Just asking to kind of judge if it is a 'him' problem or a 'you' problem to know which direction to go in. How old are you? Are you at the age where you could use some estrogen down there?
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I am the only one that feels it. Am 36.
I'm just wondering if you have anything to compare it to. Not trying to be awkward. But has anything else been inserted? sorry, tmi. I'm just wondering if it has anything to do with you and your hormones. Women tend to lose estrogen if they begin going through menopause and it gets less and less and vaginal dryness is part of that. You are young but some women do go through peri menopause. Have you had a pelvic exam this year? What does his skin feel like to the bare touch?
his skin is fine. just his pen goes in. no have not been yet

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