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Brown/black blood during menstruation

Hi everyone,

I experienced amenorrhea from Sept 07 to Jan 08 - then again from Jan 08 to July 08.
Thankfully, my periods returned to monthly cycles in July.

I HAVE BEEN SEEING MY GYNECOLOGIST ABOUT THE AMENORRHEA. He told me that my periods got thrown off course when another doctor kept drugging me with all kinds of different birth control pills, injectable steroids and progesterone cream and that all my bloodwork has been coming out normal, ultrasound revealed a couple of small cysts. When these cysts had ruptured, my periods went back to normal (like I mentioned, they came back in July) and I feel like my cycles are returning to normal intervals, about every 28-35 days.

BUT - ever since August, my periods have been brown, with hints of black, and a little bit of red. They have also been somewhat of a light flow, compared to what I'm used to. It's not spotting but it's definitely a light flow. As for the color. Mostly brown. I know brown blood is old blood, but this is every month!

I have an appt with my GYN every other month and he didn't say much in response to the color of the blood.

But why brown blood every month?? Could anyone explain to me anything they know about what could cause consistent brown periods?

I'm 21 years old, never been pregnant, no chance of pregnancy, and cramps are normal - sometimes barely noticable.

Thank you~~~ :)
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