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Can Flax Seed delay the period?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced flaxseed having an opposite affect than stated in most of the sources online, that it should regulate the cycle?

My period has been regular ( 28-31 day cycle), however after starting to take flax seed I am now second month in a row experiencing the delay in my period.

I have had a mild hormonal acne, hence after reading a lot, I thought I will give flax seed a go, however last month my period was delayed by a week and now it is 3 days late again.

Thank you!
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That's tricky.  You are absolutely right that flax is supposed to be good for women's health.  And usually aids in a more regulated period along with fewer hormonal symptoms. I was thinking about taking it for menopausal symptoms!  However, as it does have some effect (and this really isn't that well studied like all supplements), it could also impact your cycle to be irregular.  Being irregular can happen whenever our hormones shift.  This may be what is going on. And I'd think it would get more 'normal' as your body became used to the new intake of flax.  Other things that makes us late are stress, illness, weight gain or loss, changes in routine, etc.  There's always the test it and see method of finding out which is to discontinue the flax.  And make sure you talk to your doctor, do your annual check up and all that good stuff.  
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Thank you for your answer. I am 33, and I came off the pill about 2 years ago. Despite all the warmings that I may have irregular period after coming off the pill, I was happy that I pretty much never experienced that. Since started to have few hormonal spots (and still very regular period), while working from home during Covid, I had enough time to watch my diet. I would not say I have drastically changed my diet in any way, but I have increased fish intake, cut down on caffeine, sugar, dairy ect. Although I was always pretty healthy and exercise regularly my life is now probably  healthiest it has even been. So maybe my body is having a bit of the shock. I will see how this & next month will go. I will do a test for not taking flax for a next month and will see how this affect me.
Sounds like a good plan.  I also commend you for taking the covid time out to get healthy!  I think I ate myself through lockdown.  But fortunately, this summer I had kids activities that caused me to exercise a lot.  That helped.  I think I'm back to my pre lock down weight. but I need to clean up my diet like you did!  We have a diet and exercise forum which is active and you should join!!  It's under communities.  Anyway, when I was TTC, I was very healthy too.  I had to actually gain a little weight and that was helpful to the process as I was underweight at the time (whew, LONG time ago, ha).  I would think your change in routine and your eating norms also contributed to the irregular periods.  
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