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Cause of lower abdominal cramps?

Hello, wondered if anyone could help me out?

I'm 19 years old and since I started my period at 14, I have never really had a very regular period (they can happen anywhere from a month to 5 or 6 apart). I'm sexually active and have been for 2 years with the same person, and more times than not used protection. This month I'm late, which isn't a surprise, but I have also been getting lower abdominal cramps/ aches and for the last few days been feeling quite cold at random times even when indoors.
I haven't had any morning sickness, aversion to certain smells or odd cravings; is there a possibility I could be pregnant? Because I am worried it may be.

Or could this be another problem? My mum is lactose intolerant and I have found that for the last few months, things like milk and yoghurts have made me feel rather sick, though eating other dairy products like cheese and butter hasn't. Mum said it probably wasn't lactose intolerance, but I know that it can develop in your late teens (her worsened around 19). Is it possible that without realising, these dairy products are also affecting me? Would the lower abdominal aches add up with that?

Thanks for any help!
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Hi there and welcome.  Well, this is always hard to say.  If you are sexually active, then take a test to rule out pregnancy.  What you also describe can be a common thing that happens as we are getting our period, or for gi reasons or something like that.  First rule out pregnancy and then I'd go see your doctor.  A Well visit each year is great (a physical basically) to discuss any health issues.  If you are worried you are lactose intolerant or something like that, discuss with your health care professional.  good luck
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