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Constant Urinary Tract Infections and Urine Odor

I am having Consistent Urinary Tract Infection, this has been happening now for two years or more. The UTI's are happen a month apart. I have seen my doctor many times who just prescribes antibiotics. Also my urine smells like it's been sitting for a month (stale and high odor) when its just came out of me.
Please help!!!
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Are you sure they are urinary tract infections?  Every month for a year??  I get my share of uti's chronically, but over the past few months they havent been full fledged.  I wasnt experiencing the burning feeling at the end of relieving my bladder after a while.  I just was having urinary tract like symptoms. There was enough bacteria in there to irritate my bladder, but would show up negative via cultures.  You may look in to kidney stones. They can be small and give similar effects or google interstitial cystitis, which is a condition I'm still in the process of figuring out if i have it.  This is also consistant with uti like symptoms and certain things in your diet as well as sex can irritate the bladder.  You made need to map out a plan or if it really is chronic uti's consider asking your ob/gyn to put you on a constant antibiotic to help kill the bacteria.  You may also then need to use something else to help with yeast since antibiotics are notorious for causing yeast infections.  I know this is frusturating, believe me!  I almost want to be a man.  But then again there is also something beautiful about the complexity of women. Hang in there!
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