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Could it be from Yaz

I  took Ortho-tricyclyn for 7 years and decided to switch to yaz only because Ortho-tricyclyn  made me moody and crazy only 1 week out of the month(big mistake on switching). Well I took Yaz for 2 years and stopped taking it in July of 2009. Suddenly all of the these symptoms happen to me anxiety,rapid heart beat,numbness and tingling after stopping yaz. I became numb,shaky,and pale at work shortly after that and they had to call 911. They told me I was having an anxiety attack. I coud not believe them I have never had anxiety before in my life.I used to drink almost a pot of coffee every morning and now I have a few sips and I feel like I am gonna go into compulsions and my heart pounds so fast I can see my chest move and I can't take it. I have seen a neurologist and cardiologist that have ran just about every test nearly possible and they can't figure it out.I feel like I have just learned to live with this and it it horrible. It doesn't seem to be as severe but I think it may only be because I know how to control it now. For instance when I feel dizzy or shaky I try to lay down and eat some crackers. Well I have also gained weight and I run 10 miles a week I just can't seem to get this weight off for anything and I feel I have to work harder to keep were I am at. Well recently I was pregnant and I miscarried and I honestly think that Yaz had everything to do with all of this. I also have a nine year old I just hope one day we can have another baby. I want my life back so bad. I have always been outgoing and happy and can't take this.
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I have seen many doctors and everyone just keeps telling me I have anxiety. I have just recently contacted the law firm that has a suit against Yaz I am hoping I can get some answers that way because right now I am out of them. I refuse to take any medication for anxiety because it is not right. I lived a perfectly normal healthy life prior to Yaz and I just want that back.
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I have heard many problems arising from taking yaz. have you discussed these problems with your Dr. Here is a little something I pulled up while researching yaz problems
Yaz and Yasmin are different from other birth control pills available in the United States because they contain drospirenone, a progestin which can increase blood potassium levels and increase the risk of:

    * Heart Attack
    * Stroke
    * Blood Clots: Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
    * Gallbladder Problems
    * Kidney Damage or Kidney Disease
    * Cardiac Arrhythmias
    * Sudden Death
Call your Dr. asap.......Michelle
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Also could anyone tell me if they have had this experience will it ever go away.
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