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I have a pimple/cyst type thing on my vagina. It seems to have a 'white head' of some sort and when I squeeze it orange pasty stuff comes out.... I'm disgusted in it and I'm wondering what this could be and if I should be going to the doctor. It's not painful until I squeeze everything out of course its sore from contact. Help please!
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If you squeezed it out you have nothing to worry about. It probably an ingrown hair that caught and infection. Just put some antibiotic on it and it should go away
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Sometimes a pore may be blocked by an ingrowing hair or a sebaceous cyst can get infected.

If you have managed to squeeze all the rubbish out and feel no more lump, the soreness will subside given time.

If you feel there is still a lump and when you squeezed blood did run clear, or the lump has filled up again,  then do make an appointment to see your doctor.  Boils and abscesses can sometimes form and the infection can spread further.  A doctor would be able to examine it and prescribe an antibiotic if he felt this was necessary.
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Thank You!!!
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OMG why were you squeezing it...dont wory...there is no need to take take Antibiotic due to just a small pimple/cist..as ab have so much side effects...so take it easy...so squeeze it...if it will appear again go to a doc..he will inject a needle and clear all the material of the cyst/pimple...take care of the hygiene of that area specifically
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I have not across any who has had a needle injected to clear rubbish out of a cyst, boil or abscess.  If it does become large, the doctor can lance it to drain the rubbish out.  

The doctor will always examine the "lump" and will make the decision whether an antibiotic should be prescribed.  Boils and abscesses do start from having a small pimple and infection can spread inwards which can become very dangerous and life threatening.

If a pimply lump starts to worsen, it is always wise to get it checked out by the doctor.  Men as well as women can get these problems in their private area and on the perineum.  If the root or plug of the abscess is not removed, it will continue to fester.

Squeezing is not something that is advised to be done (even though we all try to squeeze things out), because this can spread any infection.  

Heating up a spoon and placing the rounded part on the "pimple" can sometimes help to draw it to the surface.  
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