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Gynecare TVT - Bladder Repair

My mother is 80 years old and has been told that she will need this Gynecare TVT to repair her bladder.  I have looked this up on the internet and it says that this cannot be done on anyone on anticoagulants.  My Mother is on blood thinners and the doctor planning to do this knows that and he is still planning on doing this procedure.  
My mother is also worried because in the literature provided to her it states that she will have to self catheterize on a daily basis and she has never done anything like this and is very worried about infection.

My question is, is there anyone here that has had this procedure performed?  If so I would appreciate it if you would respond and we might possibly converse further about it.

Thank you,

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You are great! You are so dedicated to stopping the harm caused by Ethicon/Gynecare's TVT Prolene polypropylene bladder sling mesh!!

The complications and deaths caused by bladder suspensions done with synthetic surgical mesh grow daily!!

Women need to know that bladder suspension with a surgical mesh is a life threatening procedure for a non life threatening condition!!!

bless you, Lana
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