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Hormone imbalance?

I've been going through a bit of a rough patch with various symptoms that I cannot seem to figure out.  

About 4 months ago, I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 via a culture and a later blood test.  I have been on varying doses of Valtrex (between 500mg and 1g) since day one.  I never experienced any sores on my vagina, only what I would have self-diagnosed as a yeast infection, had it not been for the accompanying sore throat and fever.  I just had some stinging when I urinated around my vaginal opening and some irritation.  The stinging cleared up quickly after I began Valtrex (and also a Zpak for suspected strep throat, which I was later told I never had.)

Ever since this all occurred, about halfway through my periods for the last 4 months, I experience a stinging around my vaginal opening as well as a feeling that my skin is crawling all over my body.  Strange, I know.  A few days later, after my period is finished, I get what appears to be a chunky white yeast discharge while the stinging persists.  I have been back to my GP and gyno each time with these issues, they diagnose yeast, I get some meds (have tried rounds of terazol, miconazole and diflucan) and things seem to clear up until my next period.  They've also told me that they "don't see anything herpes related" upon examining my vagina and that the skin crawling/itchy sensations are not related to herpes and are psychological.  I also noticed, on occasion, that the stinging will reoccur about a day after sex, like clockwork.  When this occurs, it does not necessarily sting on contact; it's more random.  There's no stinging with urination either.

I'm constantly checking things out down below and have never noticed a sore, only the appearance of red, irritated skin around my vaginal opening and posterior fourchette.  The redness has been there for this entire 4 months (possibly before, I've never really looked down there as closely as I do now) despite the disappearance of stinging and white discharge.  

The fact that I've been on an increased dose of supressive Valtrex (1g) for the past two months and the waxing and waning of symptoms so often, makes me think something other than herpes is causing this.  I've been wracking my brain and have also come to notice some other things that have been occurring even shortly before I was diagnosed with herpes:  more painful ovulation, patchy skin (ranging from very oily to very dry), cracked lips, waves of warmth on my face and chest.  I've had a negative HIV test 10 weeks after the encounter from which I got HSV and I've come up negative on all other STD tests.  I should note that I had a colposcopy about 2 months ago due to cell changes and HPV, but those results came back normal too.

I really have no idea what to think, besides possibly a hormone imbalance?  Premature menopause (I certainly hope not, I'm 24!)?  Vulvodynia?  Anyone have any advice or can maybe help me shed some light on this?  I really appreciate any help you might have!  Thanks!
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