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I can’t feel my bladder is full

I peed the bed and realized I hadn’t peed in 12 hours. I have zero feeling of a full bladder. Early Saturday morning I had sex with my husband. We haven’t had sex in months because he’s a sex addict and keeps cheating on me. Last week he had sex with 2 prostitutes without a condom. We sleep in separate room and avoid having sex because I worry about STDs but I he seduced me. The sex wasn’t very rough, I didn’t have pain, but his penis is very big. Since then I have had zero “have to pee” feeling. At about 2pm I used the bathroom because I had to poop. I realized that I hadn’t been to the bathroom in a long time and thought that was weird. I can’t remember going to the bathroom at all after that. I fell asleep and then at 2am I woke up peeing the bed. I ran to the bathroom, I couldn’t stop the steam. I peed so much, it felt like more than I’ve ever peed before. I cleaned up and went back to bed. When I woke up at 8am I did not feel like my bladder was full at all, zero urge to pee. I went to the bathroom anyway and there was a good amount. So my ability to hold my pee is fine. My ability to empty my bladder seem to be fine. I just can’t feel my bladder. I have no other symptoms except now my back aches a little. And a slight headache that started last night, which I sometimes get if I don’t drink enough water.

I am 34 yo, I have two children via c-section, I don’t take any medication, and I’m 100lbs overweight. I’m in otherwise good health, no diabetics or high blood pressure. My baby is 1 year old, I am no longer breastfeeding. I am on day 10 of my cycle. I have no history with neurological problems and I don’t think I’m having any neurological symptoms.
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Hello~Wow, I would highly suggest you see your GP, you could have some nerve issues in your bladder.
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He might have bruised your nerves, but not feeling the urge to empty your bladder at all is something to see a doctor about, I think. In the meantime, set a timer and pee regularly, and also to get up in the night and pee, and also to make nights easier, don't drink anything after 7 pm.
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