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Kissing spreads throat cancer?

I met a women she has throat cancer, she even had a operation and i saw the scars on her throat, i had a French kiss with her and just sucked her nipple for a second thats it so my question is does the cancer spreads like that and will i get any hpv or so? Please reply asap as I am worried
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First of all, was her throat cancer caused by HPV? If it was caused by smoking, for example, it would not put you at risk.

Second, here is from another website (Web MD) about research showing that someone whose throat cancer did come from HPV is not likely to spread it to his or her kissing partners.

"Spouses and long-term partners of patients with HPV-related oral cancers appear to have no increased risk of oral HPV infections, according to the results of a new study led by Johns Hopkins investigators.

"Saliva samples taken from the partners of oral cancer patients did not contain elevated levels of HPV DNA, the researchers reported online April 28 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology."

You could look up the Johns Hopkins research or that issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology for more information.
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I dont know what caused it but she had her thyroid removed and she told me that she is fine now she had a lot of therapy done and her results came back positive. I asked about hpv to her and she told me she never heard about it and that she is clean
Then I would certainly stop obsessing about HPV. She has never had it, and besides, you could not get it from her from kissing even if she had it. This is like freaking out that you will get appendicitis because a scar on someone's side from gall bladder surgery looks to you sort of like an appendicitis scar, and demanding assurances from the person that they don't have appendicitis. (Which, is not contagious anyway. And if it had been an appendix surgery, the person would not have an appendix any longer anyway.) Decide if you like the girl and stop inventing mythical medical issues that just make you look paranoid to her and probably make her feel judged and like you think she is unclean. If you don't want to kiss her, don't kiss her, (and give her a break and go away so she can find someone who is not thinking she is a danger to him. How insullting.) If you do want to kiss her, nothing about her medical history should stop you.
She had thyroid cancer and got operated and as she told me after her follow up check ups every reports came back good for her. So my question is does thyroid spreads? I am freaked out as someone told me thyroid cancer spreads and to stay away from this person please reply.
OK, so it sounds like you are clear that HPV does not come into play and now you have transferred your concern over her operation to whether thyroid cancer is contagious.

Here is what no less of an authority than the American Cancer Society says on its website about this question. Please engrave it on your brain and stop letting idiots freak you out. The "Someone" who told you "thyroid cancer spreads and to stay away from this person" is a fool or has ulterior motives.

"Cancer is NOT contagious. A healthy person cannot “catch” cancer from someone who has it. There is no evidence that close contact or things like sex, kissing, touching, sharing meals, or breathing the same air can spread cancer from one person to another."

Again, that is from the scientists at the American Cancer Society. Is the person who told you to stay away from this woman a scientist who specializes in thyroid cancer?

Here is the thing, and I have said it before. If you, yourself, (not "someone" who you have found to tell you things to back up your fears), are frightened because she has had surgery for a medical condition, just face that fact. She has had a serious medical issue. It bothers you a lot. You are looking for reasons to justify your distress and your fear of yourself getting ill. So you are thinking she can somehow hurt you.

She cannot give you thyroid cancer or HPV. If you are super bothered that she had this issue and the operation, stop seeing her but face the fact that you have no reason to stop except your own fears of your own mortality. It's not her, it is you being unable to deal with someone who has had a physical challenge.

She has done nothing wrong. Leave her alone if you cannot stop yourself from acting like she can harm you. Your fears are groundless and insulting to her.
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