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hello i have this lump above my vagina and at first it's just a little bump now it's red and looks like a boil. i think it showed up sometime after I shave. I usually shave before I get my period. Could the lump result from the shaving? how could i get rid of it? it's starting to like swell and it's a bit stingy when touched. HELP ME PLEASE!
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You may need to go to the doctor to have it lanced it if gets too big and too painful.  I've had to have 2 lanced before and it was instant relief.  I think it's a good idea to get to the doctor anyway, just in case it is something else.  Good luck and let us know how it goes :)
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i had this happen to me 2 months ago and yes it could be because of shaving. i was told to throw away the razor the used the last time i shaved. Shaving could allow bactria to enter the skin more easily...and this could lead to boils like what i had. it started out looking exactly like yours and was very painful and swollen. I used a hot compress and it developed a white head. i went to the doctor and they drained it for me (lanced it) and the pain was gone almost instantly and was gone completely within a few days
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