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My breasts have been killing me lately!

I was told months ago that I have periodontal gum disease and I've obsessively researched it saying that the inflammation in my gums can eventually run through my body and increase other health risks.. I've been having breaststroke pain for a while but especially these last few weeks. I am scared to DEATH of thinking it may be cancer. I'm 26 and as far as I've known, it doesn't run in the family, but neither does gum disease. I've had most of the pain directly under my left breast and then later in the day it feels worse under my right breast. I sometimes  get chest pains, but I think the pain is mostly in my sore breasts. I don't feel any lumps, or see anything. My right breast has a few tiny "pimples" around the nipple. I don't know if I should be worried it's an infection, or worse! My period should be coming up soon but I don't usually get sore breasts like this before PMS. Please tell me it's nothing! I can't afford a lot of doctor visits, already having to try to save my teeth. I'm freaking out!!!!!!!
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I was having the same issue. And honestly the main cause was the products I was using in my bathroom such as shampoo conditioner and toothpaste etc. I came across a helpful app called "think dirty" and it's not a porn site. It is an app that makes you aware of the chemicals you are putting on your body as well as digesting. It also suggests a better product to use. After switching most of my cosmetics and being chemical free for 2.5 months I have no more soreness in my breasts and my gums are back to normal. It worked for me hopefully you find it helpful as well!
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