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Painful Sex accompanied by bladder/urethra pain

i wasn't sure where to post this,i ll explain as best i can. Any help is appreciated.

Ive been w/ my husband for 4.5yrs now and this is also the only time ive ever had these issues. My husband is quite thick and ive always had a narrow opening,even the gynos told me that. My first sexual experience with him i ended up w/ UTI & yeast infection symptoms so i went to the doc & it turned out i had neither. He explained i was having issues w/ bruising and friction. This is a constant issue w/ us, esp when we have infrequent sex (like once a month). The more frequent we have sex (like once or twice a week) the less painful it is for me, anymore than that and i have the bruising along w/ UTI symptoms. We both get tested for STDs every year & i have my yearly PAP,everything turns out fine for both of us. I don't know what to do,this has been plaguing me for almost 5yrs now! He feels bad for me and doesn't like hurting me. Theres no problem w/ being lubricated but when he swells during sex it hurts so much & usually causes slight tearing of my vagina, bruising (sometimes severe) & on rare occ. a lump. Like i said we are STD free. What can i do to make sex easier & more pleasant w/ him? Is there a syndrome or name for this?
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the UTI symptoms i continue to get after sex are:
frequent need to urinate, bladder pressure, urethral pain (not always burning,just pain). sometimes this goes away the same day & rarely (once to 3 times a year) it lasts a week or two.
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Hi, can i ask do you get any discomfort in your urethra when you pass urine? not necessarily pain, just discomfort? and/or during sex?

Im afraid i dont know what it could be but i have problems when i have sex with my partner and started soon after we started going out. I think my urologist and GP suspects a urethral stricture which causes pain during and after sex...feels like theres something in it which gets irritated when we have intercourse...imagine grit inbetween your hands so when you rub you know something is there causing friction.

It might be because of his size that it puts pressure on your bladder...the thrusting may cause bruising and could have injured your bladder or urethra slightly so you may have had a UTI thats gone away on its own, but women can experience UTI symptoms without bacteria being present...its just an irritation of the bladder..and with it being so close to the vagina, its not a surprise that the bladder and urethra can be affected.

Actually when i have more sex with my partner, it seems less painful..dont know why that is but i see you find that too.

What you could do to ease it is maybe concentrate more on foreplay. use toys...small ones at first and then maybe try bigger ones with lots of water-based lubricant...i find that clitoral stimulation during penetration makes it feel less uncomfortable.

I would defo press with they gyne tho. theres obviously something up so dont give trying to get answers!

Good luck and keep us posted :)
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i don't normally get discomfort during urination this is pretty much sex induced issues. i never had it before i met my husband and i was previously married before him but he was a "normal" size.
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try a few different positions - you on top and him from behind - take the pressure off your urethra - that might be where the pain is coming from - my partner and i have the same issue and after reading a number of posts i have leartn that this can come from being on the pill or having low estrogen levels. a swollen urethra which is the padding that sits just inside your vaginal opening at the top in front of your g spot - if that is tender then look at healing that - go to a naturopath - skip the GP's anything they give you will aggrevate the issue.
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