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Pink Discharge? Is there anything I should be worried about?

Hi I'm sexually active person that hasn't had sex since halfway through March and have had a period since then but this time I had cramps a few times over the past two days and then I had pretty bad ones today by all that has come out is pink discharge should I be worried?
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So, sometimes when we have a bit of fresh blood and it mixes with discharge, it looks pink.  Have any irritation or itching going on?  That would make me think of something like a yeast infection.  But yes, it could be your period on the way too.  But basically it is the bright red 'fresh' blood mixing with your discharge causing the pinkish tint.  Probably nothing to worry about as it happens to everyone here or there.  
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If you had a period in late March, would this be an early indicator of your period coming on soon?
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