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Please, help!

Hello I am 25 years old and NOT currently sexually active, with my boy friend.

0n, 4 April 2012, after taking a shower. I decided to take a look at my vagina in the mirror as it's been feeling "odd", like there was a stray hair or something else from the shower that the water didn't wash away. It's been feeling odd like that lately, like there was something stray in it off and on for a weeks or more now...but it was usually lower near the lips, I also shave down there as well.

Anyways, I found two small white-greyish patches in the upper inner right side part of my Vagina [I don't know any of the terms.]

One is kinda on the side, in a wrinkle/ fold thing? And the other is on my clit and a little bit inside it...Both are very small.

And this...this is really scaring me. I had my boy friend look at it and he says it looks like dry patches, but it feels smooth and they don't look or feel like raised bumps or anything and don't hurt or itch. The only time my vagina may itch is after I shave and let it grow back which I assumed was normal?

There is no skin flaking from it or anything as well. My boyfriend apparently has noticed the area before and thought it was a dry area and even told me so before and I didn't really think anything of it, this was a month ago.

He says it's gotten "bigger" but only very slightly like it "Spread" it's self out ever so slightly. I had him check yesterday [5 April 2012] and he says it looked smaller today then on the. [4 April 2012.]

Honestly it looks like the patches are like "dead areas" It reminds me of dead patches of land where nothing will grow.

On, 5 April 2012, I thought it felt a "twinge" like...funny feeling come from the area of theses spot /patch things. Like a tiny little itch twinge thing or something like that. And today, 6 April 2012, I think I feel it again, but nothing hurts, burns or itches. Just that "twinge".

The only parts that do itch are the parts I shaved.

But I'm not sure if it's just me scarring myself now or over thinking all of this or what. For this little "twinge" to happen. But I'm really freaking out, I don't have a job and no money to go to a doctor. Let alone any sort of specialist to tell me whats wrong.

Neither one of us have any STD, and like a said before, I am not sexually active with my boyfriend at this time. He is the only man I have been with and when we were doing it, we always used a condom. The only other thing I can think of, that may have caused this problem. If this is "potential very minor problem"[Hopefully]...is...err if I was too rough with myself...or I have rubbed myself raw from the bath room or from washing and I use body wash to clean with...even there.

And it's been a very long time since I have seen anyone...about my "lady parts". And I have had period issues in the past when I was in my teens, but those seem to be resolved now. At least when I have a stress free month. My period will show up and be normal. But also for a while now I sorta...errr "Leak" this "creamy" like discharge I guess you could call it...

That usually happens though when I try to "hold it in", because I don't like using public bath rooms...I thought it might be just my own natural "Lube" because it's either clear or "creamy". And because I'm not currently sexually active with my Boyfriend I tend to..."Take care of my self" weekly...

I dunno and I'm really scared and don't know what to do...this is slowly going to drive me crazy, unless I some how come up with some money, to go see a doctor about this. As soon as possible...Please, any sort of advice or info is appreciated...thank  you.
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Hello again,

Do you wash the inside of your vagina with soaps? If you are doing so.. you should stop. The soaps kill off the normal bacterias in our vaginas that actually "clean" it. douching is a terrible thing to do as well. I know that so many women think that by washing their vaginas they feel more fresh and it makes a lot of sense, but it can cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.. In this case, I wouldn't say you had BV because it usually causes a fishy odor.
The discharge sounds normal in color.. I think it is normal to leak this type of discharge in between our menstrual cycles. Wear a panty liner to soak it up to help stay more comfortable. It doesn't really sound like a yeast infection either.. But you do get these itchy twangs.. Is there a health care facility in your area that does a "sliding fee" scale? The copay is based on the income.. And since you don't have any I'd imagine it'd be a low copay.. $10.00?? I agree that doctors charge such an unreasonable amount.. It is sickening to know that SO many Americans live without healthcare and have to travel overseas (or to Canada or Mexico.. or sometimes 3rd world countries) to be treated for their ailments. I am a LPN and I work with some registered nurses and sometimes physicians.. I swear the nurse should be paid the doctors salary.. They do more and most don't mistreat the patient. I do hope that you can get treated and that you get a proper diagnosis! I could imagine your concern.

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Hello again!

To answer your questions, yes, I do wash with soaps. Mostly the “Suave” body wash and they are usually scented...I don't douche and never probably will. I guess HOPEFULLY this is the cause of my problems? And nothing else major? I'm a bit of a "Germ-a-phobe" and it's kind of why I do wash like that, but I'll stop now that I know it's not good. Can washing with soup have long term lasting effects any? Hopefully I also caught this problem in time as well?

And yes there is a facility I manage to find yesterday at the last minute, and I made it in time to catch a quick walk-in appointment, late afternoon and got looked at. The doctor that looked at me believes it's nothing bad but also doesn't know what it could be. But he made an appointment for me to come back Monday to see their specialist. And I am applying for their plan, I believe they will charge $5 if I am accepted. And yes I believe they have a sliding scale fee which is probably the $5 on Monday I plan on taking care of all this, and will find out more.

The nurse, the doctor and even the man at the front desk where I had to sign in were very nice and professional...I usually try and keep in good spirits and joke about things, to try and take my mind off of scary problems in my life, but I was still very nervous. And waiting till Monday, well I'm not as scared as before but it's still getting to me a little and I'm trying to distract myself till then. I asked them all the questions that came to mind, and will ask again once I see their expert. And hopefully I will find out what this is. I hate not knowing it's the worst... = [

As for the regular doctors, I don't think they should be paid more either, especially if one does more than the other. As for grossly over charging, I believe the insurance companies one of the problems as to why they can charge so much. Because they can come up with any figure they like and the company will pay most of it... It also worries me that I think some doctors might "cut corners" because of this. Not to say all doctors do this mind you or are doing this.

I have noticed high level of professionalism and quality has gone down in society now a days. I've noticed it a lot lately, from various sources, and that is not good. I enjoy quality, I like things to work from day one when I can pay for them, and I don't want it to break down or be glitchy or anything else. And I certainly wouldn't want a doctor or mechanic to cut corners: That should be unacceptable. Quality takes time and I am okay with that. If something needs time to be the best it can be, then I will be happy to wait till it is good and ready.

Time equals Money however...

My boyfriend told me once that when his dad was younger he remembers a time there was no insurance companies for hospitals but that if you needed to go to a doctor the doctor charged a “pricey" but reasonable fee, and not a ludicrous amount of money to get taken care of. You could walk in and see them no problem. I am afraid to walk into a normal hospital now because I have no insurance. Even if they do happen to have an oath to see me, I'd be up to my eyeballs in bills and would be trying to pay them off for the rest of my life.

There is also a legal factor involved as well in my opinion. If the hospital doesn't check for absolutely EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, then a patient will blame the hospital or doctor and theeeen...have the right to sue, and this is probably another reason why they charge you vast amounts of wealth. Because they need to check you for everything so no one can say they didn't check for this or that. So the test charges stack up on the bill.

Angry Patient "Oh well you didn't check me for [Insert medical problem here] Well now Imma sue you pal! Because you didn't prevent ME from getting sick! YOUR SUPPOSE TO SEE THIS COMING! YOU’RE A DOCTOR! A DOOOOCTOOOOR!!!!"

LOL, sorry for the excessive angry patient representation [and the horrible grammar.] It's just what I imagine. It's a gross vicious circle and we as Americans seem to like to sue a lot...regrettably...

But anyways, thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at my post. And telling me what you think is wrong and I really do appreciate this. It has given me a little bit of reassurance.

Thank you

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I think you might have lichen sclerosus.  Here is from another website:
Symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus

Early in the disease, small white spots appear on the skin. The spots are usually shiny and smooth. Later, the spots grow into bigger patches. The skin on the patches becomes thin and crinkled. Then the skin tears easily, and bright red or purple bruises are common.  If the disease is a mild case, there may be no symptoms.

Other symptoms are:

    * Itching (very common)
    * Discomfort or pain
    * Bleeding
    * Blisters

Doctors don't know the exact cause of lichen sclerosus. Some doctors think a too active immune system and hormone problems may play a role. It is also thought that people inherit the likelihood of getting the disease. Sometimes, lichen sclerosus appears on skin that has been damaged or scarred from some other previous injury. Lichen sclerosus is not contagious (it can't be caught from another person).

Doctors can look at severe lichen sclerosus and know what it is. But usually, a doctor takes a small piece of the skin patch (biopsy) and looks at it under a microscope. This allows doctors to make sure that it is not a different disease.

If you have patches on the arms or upper body, they usually don't need treatment. The patches go away over time.

Lichen sclerosus of the genital skin should be treated. Even if it isn't painful or itchy, the patches can scar. This can cause problems with urination or sex.
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